8 Ways How CRM Software Reduce Costs Your Business

Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms widely impact businesses when correctly utilized. Tracking the customer journey, which once took a lot of time and money, is made simple with intelligent automation. From initial customer contacts to purchase descriptions, all communications could be logged in the system. The software even makes the data visible to all internal teams.

What is Lost Lead?

What is Lost Lead?

A lost lead is one that did not convert into a sale and has been stalled in your lead nurturing process. This often means that your specially crafted emails with hand-picked subject lines are lying unopened in your leads’ inboxes, or they have unsubscribed from your email list.

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What’s the difference between CRM and ERP

Every business handles a large amount of data and deals with complex data management processes. ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM(Customer Relationship Management)

What is the Challenger Sales Model?

What is the Challenger Sales Model? Advantages & Disadvantages

In their bestseller ‘The Challenger Sale’, Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson have categorized sales reps into five types.After a thorough analysis of all five, they have

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5 Ways Cloud Technology benefits SME needs

Cloud technology has motivated many businesses to adopt a smarter way of computing. Revolution and Innovation in Cloud computing have allowed small and medium businesses...

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Why is CRM Now More Important Than Ever Before?

Introduction According to Peter Drucker, the goal of any business is to create a customer. But more importantly, maintaining these customers and deepening relationships with...

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6 Tips for Successful CRM Implementation

CRM system implementation is surely a daunting and overwhelming task. Your CRM system not only should meet the requirements of your business but it also has to provide...

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How Marketing Automation Can Boost Customer Loyalty

Imagine you are trying to plant a plant. First, you need the right soil for your plant to grow. Then you need to take care...

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9 Best Practices to Improve Customer Support

Customer support plays a key role in improving your business. Today, it is not enough to provide customer satisfaction alone. Building customer loyalty is essential...

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How to Optimize your Sales Forecasting Process

Forecasting has become an essential element for your business. Sales forecasting is an important tool for businesses of any type and any size...

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9 Tips for Developing an Effective Marketing Strategy

Despite the size of your business, you will require an efficient and productive marketing strategy which will drive your sales and will improve your return...

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How to Map Your Customer’s Journey Through CRM?

What Is A Customer Journey Map? A customer journey map is a visual representation of the stages that a customer goes through while interacting with...

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Tips to Choose the Ideal CRM Software

Customer relationships are imperative to the success of a business. Making an effort to establish an enduring and positive relationship with the customers will help in generating significant profit...

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8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a CRM System

Networking and contact management are an integral part of any business development plan. The ultimate goal is to retain customers and cater to their needs...

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Top 12 Benefits of Contact Management

Contact management and networking are an integral part of any business development plan. The ultimate goal is to retain customers and cater to their needs...

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How to Create and Launch a Successful Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaigns are highly effective means to promote brand positioning, which leave an ever-lasting image in your customer’s minds....

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Surprising Facts and Truth About Sales Management

Organizations run through hundreds of business procedures day-in and out. Intense juggling between tasks often leaves reps no time to deliver expert customer service standards...

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Benefits of Cloud CRM

Customer is the most crucial and irreplaceable component of the business cycle. The sole purpose of a business is to cater to the needs of...

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The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation

Millennial’s have adopted a complex buying pattern with the aid of digital technology, making it harder for marketers to market. Consumers are no dummies as they are now leveraging multiple...

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