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Dec 12, 2023
Nandinee Biswas

CentraHub HCM X - How This SaaS HR Software Can Be a Game Changer for Your Business

Lockdown and social distancing post-covid-19 pandemic have influenced the rise of remote working, leading to adopting newer workplace strategies. This forceful shift has made many organizations that otherwise managed their HR processes manually move to automation.

We are making this adjustment easier with CentraHub HCM X. We have built this SaaS HR software to fit modern payroll and HR needs. It is a comprehensive human resource management solution integrated with payroll components on a swiftly deployable platform.

Our next-generation HCM software unifies your physical and virtual workplaces to boost collaboration among employees and ensure business continuity through critical capabilities and insights.

Modules for Seamless Management of All HR Processes

CentraHub HCM X is designed to set your HR team free to focus on what brings business improvements. It merges workforce management and payroll to make it easy to record, manage and analyze your employee data, improve the way you manage your workforce, hire talents, develop skills, manage compensation, and improve your company culture.

Workforce management

Redefine your employees’ experience by better understanding their needs while ensuring they always feel connected and empowered.

The workforce management module is embedded with features to manage employee profiles, HR forms, file sharing, documents, database, process/workflow automation and more. The information collected lets you understand and respond to employee needs. This identification reduces gaps and makes your employees remain resilient and productive.

Payroll management

Manage the payroll of your global workforce with our SaaS HR software, CentraHub HCM X. Accurate payroll processes ensure all your employees are always paid correctly and on time.

The payroll management module simplifies managing time and attendance, earnings and deduction, compensation plan modelling, payroll posting & accounting, ad hoc deductions, flexible payouts, and other activities related to payroll processing.

Recruitment management

Hire the best candidates and stay on top of fluctuating talent needs with CentraHub HCM X. The SaaS software makes hiring and onboarding effortless. It helps you attract and secure suitable candidates in alignment with your long-term talent management strategy.

The software solution includes intelligent recruitment management module for effective manpower budgeting and planning, job requisitions and postings, candidate information and applicant tracking and onboarding.

Training management

Train your employees to boost their skills. The efficacious training module is designed especially for fulfilling your organization’s training objectives. It comprises advanced features for effective course definitions, training recommendations, planning and scheduling. This allows your HR team to identify training needs and schedule, modify, and delegate training sessions for employees when needed.

Performance & appraisal management

The performance and appraisal management module helps you attain individual and corporate goals. It enables you to identify key performance indicators and areas, create performance metrics, set and track goals to monitor the performance of employees from various departments and the overall organization.


CentraHub HCM X allows seamless integrations with accounting, biometric, and API-based third-party applications to provide you with an end-to-end solution for efficient employee management and payroll processing in one place.

Benefits Of Integrated HR Payroll System

Separate HR and payroll systems are difficult to maintain and often lead to delays and incorrect payroll processing, leaving both you and your employees at a disadvantage. If you are still juggling between multiple systems for managing HR and payroll, it’s time for a change to an integrated solution.

CentraHub HCM X offers an integrated platform for managing all HR operations along with payroll. It eliminates data discrepancy resulting from using multiple systems, sometimes from separate vendors, and removes the possibility of late or inaccurate paychecks.

Integrated HR payroll software offers several benefits. Here are they:

Plugging the profit leaks by improving resource management

When information is exchanged between separate HR and payroll systems, it involves various spreadsheets and employees handling them. Most of the time, the HR team and payroll department collect the same information, involving a lot of unneeded paperwork and investments in resources.

CentraHub HCM X acts as a single system of record for HR and payroll data. When you update information about your employees, the change gets reflected in your payroll records and vice versa. This automatically reduces the headcount and related costs.

Eliminating the paperwork & improving reporting efficiency

When payroll is handled manually, it absorbs hours of your HR team’s time and generates a huge volume of paperwork. Additionally, the possibility of human errors from either the employee or the administrator would inevitably lead to discontented employees. And we cannot underestimate the amount of time and effort involved in identifying and correcting the single inaccurate calculation or data input.

CentraHub HCM X automates the payroll process and the HR functions, thus reducing paperwork burden and making virtually correcting input errors way easier. With it, you do not need to waste time or resources chasing down missing data and instantly generate reports to make better decisions concerning the employees.

Reducing your chances of getting exposed to liability

With global compliances constantly changing and increasingly getting complex, ensuring that your payroll system is always up to date with the regulatory standards is challenging. Any omission or oversight could expose your company to significant liability.

CentraHub HCM X keeps track of statutory compliances, making it easier for you to pull out necessary information when needed. Ultimately, you are able to avoid unnecessary fines by meeting the regulatory guidelines.

Improving the employee experience and increasing efficiency

Accurate and timely remuneration is important for the employees. Likewise, the ability to instantly and confidentially access their personal details, attendance summaries, and enrolled benefits are fundamental for increasing their level of job satisfaction.

CentraHub HCM X has a self-service feature that allows your employees to view their payroll information and retrieve accurate historical data related to their employment, all on the go. This data accessibility empowers employees and enhances their experience.

Enabling error-free, swift payroll processing

CentraHub HCM X software auto-syncs with biometric system and imports data into the payroll wizard to review leaves, attendances, loans, EMIs, salary revisions, scheduled bonuses, expense reimbursements, pending payments, and other payroll adjustments. When all employees’ compensation related information is available on a single interface, it eliminates confusion and makes payment processing a breeze.

Why Choose CentraHub HCM X?

At its core, CentraHub HCM X suite is an evolved employee management software system that helps people and businesses thrive in the most challenging economy. It is one of the best SaaS HR software that helps transform your business strategies to improve employee engagement and productivity.

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