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Industry-Ready CRM Solutions

CRM Solutions

Real Estate

Optimize real estate operations, manage leads, track properties, and close deals efficiently with our cutting-edge real estate CRM software.

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CRM Solutions


Streamline educational processes, enhance student engagement, and improve efficiency with our advanced education CRM solution.

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CRM Solutions


Rev up your automotive business with our industry-leading CRM software. Manage leads, track sales, and drive revenue growth effortlessly.

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CRM Solutions


Transform your retail business with our comprehensive CRM software. Boost customer loyalty, streamline operations, and drive sales growth.

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CRM Solutions

Project Management

Maximize project efficiency and streamline workflows with our powerful project management CRM software.

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CRM Solutions

Asset Management

Improve asset tracking, maintenance, and performance with our advanced asset management CRM software. Unlock your asset's full potential.

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CRM Solutions

Logistics, Delivery & Courier Management

With our powerful CRM, streamline delivery and courier operations, track shipments, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

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CRM Solutions

Facility Management

CentraHub CRM's Facility Management module streamlines space planning, maintenance, & asset tracking, enhancing operational efficiency.

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CRM Solutions


Manufacturing Module empowers businesses with production planning, inventory control, & quality assurance for efficiency.

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Feature-Rich, Customizable, and User-Friendly
Advanced CRM Modules

Marketing Automation

  1. Campaigns
  2. Campaign Budgets and ROI
  3. Social Media
  4. Lead scoring
  5. Lead Assignment
  6. Tele Leads with Scripts
  7. Email to Leads
  8. Web Leads
  9. Leads
  10. Follow-up Activities

Sales Automation

  1. Sales Lifecycle
  2. Opportunities
  3. Forecasting
  4. Delivery Notes
  5. Sales Pipeline
  6. Partner Acquistion
  7. Account Management

Configure, Price, Quote

  1. Estimate
  2. Price Books
  3. Sales Quotes
  4. Sales Orders
  5. Invoices and Receipts

Customer Service

  1. SLAs
  2. Scheduling
  3. SFG20 Compliant
  4. Ticket Management
  5. Ticket Assignment
  6. Customer Contract (PPM)
  7. PPM Tasks
  8. Issues
  9. Issue Standard Time
  10. Ticket Management
  11. PPM Tasks
  12. Worklogs
  13. Services Management
  14. Spare Parts Requested
  15. Spare Parts Replaced
  1. SLAs
  2. Scheduling
  3. SFG20 Compliant
  4. Ticket Management
  5. Ticket Assignment
  6. Customer Contract (PPM)
  7. PPM Tasks
  8. Issues
  1. Issue Standard Time
  2. Ticket Management
  3. PPM Tasks
  4. Worklogs
  5. Services Management
  6. Spare Parts Requested
  7. Spare Parts Replaced

Asset Management

  1. Asset Type
  2. Asset Location
  3. Aquisition
  4. Movement
  5. Retirement

Business Process Management

  1. Process Discovery
  2. Process Modeling
  3. Process Analysis
  4. Process Design
  5. Process Implementation
  6. Process Monitoring

Digital Commerce

  1. Catalogue Management
  2. Basket
  3. Customer Account
  4. Checkout and Payment
  5. Delivery

Cross CRM

  1. Customer Data
  2. Customer Self Service
  3. Voice of Customer
  4. Communication
  5. Customer Surveys

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