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What does Education CRM do?

  • Maintains an active database of all student data.
  • Automates the admission process.
  • Connects your entire campus from any device.
  • Captures candidate details for future engagement.
  • Simplifies enrollment and fee collection.
  • Delivers instant insights and recommendations.

How Is CRM Important For Educational Institutes?

  • CRM for education institutes helps you keep track of all critical metrics, such as enrollment, student experience, engagement, and more.
  • Using an integrated platform simplifies data complexity for education institutions, and the information is always relevant and up to date.
  • Free up more time for your faculty and staff to do what they do best – provide the best education to the students and improve retention.
  • You will find all applicant information, make more admissions, retain more students, and grow your organization.

CentraHub EDU - Our CRM Software for the Education Industry

CentraHub EDU is an all-in-one CRM software for education industry that assists educational institutions in streamlining operations, managing student data and connections, and enhancing administrative procedures. This robust software solution is intended to assist educational institutions in fostering student achievement, establishing solid partnerships, and eventually achieving their objectives.

Why Choose CentraHub EDU?

We have built our education CRM system to help the organization manage its entire learner journey and improve engagement between students, educators, parents, and administration.

Automate your campus

Automate your mundane everyday administrative tasks of data entry, like entering the new candidate details into the system, to focus more on improving the quality of education.

Track payments, courses, and more

From regular lesson plans to special workshops and fees related to them, the system helps keep a record of payment status, courses taken, and everything else that needs vigilance.

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Nurture your applicants

Manage your bulk inquiries related to admission, identify the applicants with the highest chance of enrolling, and nurture them with appropriate follow-up emails and reminders.

Instant appointment scheduling

Use the CRM application to send out single-click scheduling-enabled emails every time you have to conduct a meeting with the board or an interview round with the parents.

Get insights that make sense

Generate periodic reports to gain insights into your revenue, staff performance, student activities, and more with our robust analytics tools to remain organized and prepared.

Integration with payment gateways

Get a quick and flawless integration with payment gateways to help you streamline the payment process, auto-generate personalized invoices, and track payments at every stage.

Manage every operation

Maintain all records to keep a tab on the admissions, workshops, curriculum, exams, and every other activity happening on your campus with easy-to-use and customizable tools.

The one database for all your data

From inquiry forms and course manuals to academic records and extra curriculum activities, education CRM software offers a one-stop solution for all your data management needs.

Modules You Get

CentraHub EDU is the best CRM for education endowed with tools to empower educational organizations to manage their entire learner journey, from inquiry to admissions to alumni and beyond.

  • Application Management
  • Course & Lecture Scheduler
  • Fee Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Academics

How We're Helping Our Customers?

A platform so easy to use

A consolidated neat dashboard and easy-to-navigate functionality leave no room for confusion, even for users from a non-technical background.

No more data silos

A unified solution with tools to manage every operation ranging from administrative to learning activities.

A solution by institution type

Irrespective of the type of institution you run, our customizable education CRM includes flexible tools to support its needs.

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