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What does Education CRM do?

  • Maintains an active database of all student data.
  • Automates the admission process.
  • Connects your entire campus from any device.
  • Captures candidate details for future engagement.
  • Simplifies enrollment and fee collection.
  • Delivers instant insights and recommendations.
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Application Management
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Course & Lecture Scheduler
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Fee Management
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Why Do Education Institutes Need CRM Software?

  • CRM for education institutes helps you keep track of all critical metrics, such as enrollment, student experience, engagement, and more.
  • Using an integrated platform simplifies data complexity for education institutions, and the information is always relevant and up to date.
  • Free up more time for your faculty and staff to do what they do best – provide the best education to the students and improve retention.
  • You will find all applicant information, make more admissions, retain more students, and grow your organization.

CentraHub EDU - Our CRM Software for the Education Industry

CentraHub EDU is an all-in-one CRM software for education industry that assists educational institutions in streamlining operations, managing student data and connections, and enhancing administrative procedures. This robust software solution is intended to assist educational institutions in fostering student achievement, establishing solid partnerships, and eventually achieving their objectives.

Are you finding it increasingly challenging to keep pace with the dynamic landscape of the education industry?

Do you struggle to streamline administrative tasks and ensure seamless communication across your institution? CentraHub EDU is here to revolutionize your approach to education management.

Handling student admissions, keeping alumni engaged, and ensuring that everyone, from faculty to students, is on the same page – there is so much to do, which, if done manually, no process is going to be error-free.  But fear not! With CentraHub EDU, you can wave goodbye to those hassles. The system automates tedious tasks like admissions processing, enrollment management, and course scheduling, allowing you to focus on providing a top-notch education experience to your students. It is tailor-made for schools and colleges and is packed with features that make life easier in educational institutions.

But wait, there's more! CentraHub EDU doesn't just stop at administrative tasks. Our software is packed with features that enhance communication, collaboration, and engagement across your institution. Whether you're reaching out to prospective students, nurturing relationships with alumni, or keeping parents in the loop, CentraHub EDU has you covered. With it, you will never experience the inefficiencies of traditional school management systems. Embrace a new era of education with a CRM solution that's as innovative and forward-thinking as your institution. 

CentraHub EDU is like your personal assistant for all the mundane administrative tasks – whether it's handling admissions, managing enrollment, or sorting out course schedules, you can count on us to take care of it all. And the best part? We've got a neat and tidy system that keeps all your student information, academic records, and financial data in one easy-to-access place. Say goodbye to those endless stacks of paperwork and hello to a more organized and efficient way of running your educational institution! 

And the best part? It's like having a supercharged communication hub right at your fingertips. Whether you're reaching out to faculty members to discuss curriculum updates, connecting with students to share important announcements, or engaging with alumni to foster a sense of community, CentraHub EDU makes it all a breeze. With seamless integration and intuitive tools, you can effortlessly send personalized messages, run targeted campaigns, and keep everyone in the loop. Say goodbye to missed communications and hello to a more connected, engaged educational community – all thanks to CentraHub EDU.

Oh, and did we mention the analytics? Yes, CentraHub EDU's got your back there too. It offers powerful analytics capabilities. Picture this: diving deep into insights about student performance, enrollment trends, and so much more. With it by your side, you're armed with valuable information that can shape the future of your institution. Imagine being able to pinpoint areas of improvement, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions that propel your institution to new heights of success. Ready to kickstart your journey towards success? Try CentraHub EDU and experience the difference firsthand.

Our Competitive Differentiators

CRM Solutions

Scalable Offerings

Designed to Support expanding businesses with unmatched scalable features

CRM Solutions

Flexible & Adaptable

Flexible solution to suit your organization’s changing needs, compatible with 3rd-party systems

CRM Solutions

Deeply Verticalized

100+ vertical-specific Solutions have been built on our CRM and deployed for customer-specific industries

CRM Solutions

Standard Integrations

Our Solutions Could be Seamlessly integrated with 10+ major global applications

CRM Solutions


User could enable further integrations through RESTful APIs to maximize application usability

CRM Solutions

Dynamic Governance

24/7 transparency and control over applications to enforce compliance as required

CRM Solutions

Mobile Apps

Customer-specific mobile app that ensure users are connected with their business anytime

CRM Solutions

Customized Solutions

CRM with 99% no-code customizations. Personalizationthrough parameters and customization settings

Modules You Get

CentraHub EDU is the best CRM for education endowed with tools to empower educational organizations to manage their entire learner journey, from inquiry to admissions to alumni and beyond.

  • Application Management
  • Course & Lecture Scheduler
  • Fee Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Academics

Why Choose CentraHub EDU?

We have built our education CRM system to help the organization manage its entire learner journey and improve engagement between students, educators, parents, and administration.

Automate your campus

Automate your mundane everyday administrative tasks of data entry, like entering the new candidate details into the system, to focus more on improving the quality of education.

Nurture your applicants

Manage your bulk inquiries related to admission, identify the applicants with the highest chance of enrolling, and nurture them with appropriate follow-up emails and reminders.

Get insights that make sense

Generate periodic reports to gain insights into your revenue, staff performance, student activities, and more with our robust analytics tools to remain organized and prepared.

Manage every operation

Maintain all records to keep a tab on the admissions, workshops, curriculum, exams, and every other activity happening on your campus with easy-to-use and customizable tools.

Scalable and flexible solution

Our adaptable and scalable CRM solution can grow with the educational institute to accommodate the changing needs.

Automate, govern and analyze the processes

Streamline administrative tasks with automation, enhance governance for compliance, and utilize advanced analytics to deliver insights into institution performance.

Track payments, courses, and more

From regular lesson plans to special workshops and fees related to them, the system helps keep a record of payment status, courses taken, and everything else that needs vigilance.

Instant appointment scheduling

Use the CRM application to send out single-click scheduling-enabled emails every time you have to conduct a meeting with the board or an interview round with the parents.

Integration with payment gateways

Get a quick and flawless integration with payment gateways to help you streamline the payment process, auto-generate personalized invoices, and track payments at every stage.

The one database for all your data

From inquiry forms and course manuals to academic records and extra curriculum activities, education CRM software offers a one-stop solution for all your data management needs.

Deploy the solutions on cloud and on-premise

Choose between cloud or on-premise deployment to fit your institution's infrastructure and preferences for enhanced data access and security control.

Features That Make Business Management Easier

Property Definition
CRM SolutionsVenture
CRM SolutionsProperty
CRM SolutionsBlocks
CRM SolutionsFloors
CRM SolutionsUnits
CRM SolutionsCampaigns
CRM SolutionsLeads
CRM SolutionsSocial Media
CRM SolutionsConvert to Opportunities
CRM SolutionsDefine and manage Sales
lifecycle for an opportunity
CRM Solutions Opportunity
CRM SolutionsProperty Showing
CRM Solutions Property Finalization
CRM SolutionsUnit Reservation
CRM SolutionsReservation Cancellation
CRM SolutionsBookings
CRM SolutionsMilestone Stages
CRM SolutionsInstalments
CRM SolutionsAgent Commissions
CRM SolutionsInvoice
CRM SolutionsReceipt
CRM SolutionsHandover
CRM SolutionsLeasing lifecycle
CRM SolutionsOpportunity
CRM SolutionsProperty Showing
CRM SolutionsProperty Finalization
CRM SolutionsUnit Reservation
CRM SolutionsReservation Cancellation
CRM SolutionsLease Contract
CRM SolutionsLease Invoice
CRM SolutionsPost Dated Cheques
CRM SolutionsReceipts
CRM SolutionsLease Contract Termination
CRM SolutionsLegal Case
CRM Solutions Renewal
CRM SolutionsWorkflow - Automation
CRM SolutionsApprovals With Escalations
CRM SolutionsDocument Designers
CRM SolutionsEmail & SMS Templates
CRM SolutionsPage Layout
CRM SolutionsReport Designer
CRM SolutionsBusiness Card Layout
CRM SolutionsKanban View
CRM SolutionsCascading Picklist
CRM SolutionsCalendar Sharing
CRM SolutionsMy Online Calendar
CRM SolutionsWeb Actions
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How We're Helping Our Customers?

A platform so easy to use

A consolidated neat dashboard and easy-to-navigate functionality leave no room for confusion, even for users from a non-technical background.

No more data silos

A unified solution with tools to manage every operation ranging from administrative to learning activities.

A solution by institution type

Irrespective of the type of institution you run, our customizable education CRM includes flexible tools to support its needs.