What is Lost Lead?
Mar 27, 2023
Nandinee Biswas

7+ Strategies and Email Template to win back Lost Leads

"Lost lead” is unarguably one thing that makes every marketer’s heart sink. That’s precisely why you need a rock-solid win-back strategy to keep your prospects from slipping away.

What is Lost Lead?

A lost lead is one that did not convert into a sale and has been stalled in your lead nurturing process. This often means that your specially crafted emails with hand-picked subject lines are lying unopened in your leads’ inboxes, or they have unsubscribed from your email list.

Though losing leads is natural in the lead nurturing process, on the flip side, adding a little more effort could potentially convert them into sales. Your CRM software could help you get half the job done by identifying leads that have gone cold and extracting the lost lead details. After this, your re-engaging strategy would have the lead role in winning them back.

How do you get back a lost lead?

Essentially, designing the right strategy is how you would win back your lost leads. This begins with making a conscious effort for step-by-step understanding and planning the best possible approach. Here are some of the strategies; following them would help bring interest in your leads, and they could be your next new customers.

Analyze reason and plan effective resolution

There could be numerous reasons for losing a lead. It could be your sales team failing to follow up or the merchant getting a better deal, or you have offered the wrong solution, and so on. Your win-back emails should be designed accordingly. So, root-cause analysis needs to be your first step to determine why you lost the leads.

Amplifier your marketing efforts

Focus on creating a multi-channel and multi-device re-engaging strategy to ensure that your message reaches your leads.
A drip campaign is a great way to ramp up your marketing efforts. It is executed through email marketing, where a set of pre-written emails are sent to your leads over a defined period of time, creating visibility and familiarity through exposure. It also nurtures their trust.

Offer your leads a limited-time deal  

Limited-time promotional offers could successfully create a sense of urgency, which could even force your leads to make a quick decision, often in your favor.

Choose appropriate mode and time

Everyone hates to be disturbed when they are reached at an inconvenient time or way. Try changing it while connecting with your lost leads.

Refrain from adding too many options

In your re-engagement email, try sticking to a single offer and CTA. It would provide your leads with a clear message and help you decide what works best for them.

Know when to quit

When your most aggressive emails remain ignored, and your exclusive offers are unaccepted, it’s time to let go.

Lost Lead Email Template for 2023

When we talk about win-back lost lead email templates, generic content won’t work. Also, presenting the emotional side of your business in a friendly manner is crucial. Along with this, the actual look and functionality of your emails also need to be appropriately addressed; even the best content without a proper layout and design lowers your chances of success. Let’s review the best practices to write your re-engagement email sequence:

Soft reminder

Sending a simple “hello” email could make your lost lead to start interacting with you again. It needs to be written in a conversational tone with no pressure on the recipient to respond.

Offer an incentive

If your “soft reminder” wasn’t enough, offering an incentive could nudge your leads on thinking about your service again.

Objection identifier

Ask feedback over email. You could address objections the recipients might have and find ways to solve them. Even if your leads don’t get converted, their opinions would help you improve your marketing.

A last chance email

This email needs to be your last chance to engage your lost leads with a catchy campaign. This has twofold benefits. Firstly, if your leads reply, they could be taken out of the email series for your sales team to contact them personally. Secondly, if they do not reply, they are not interested in your product or service. Hence you could tag them as inactive leads.

Warm goodbye

Even after sending a well-thought sequence of win-back emails to your lost leads, if there are still no opens or click-throughs, the best thing to do is let go. The goal here is to let them know that you would always be there when they need you but taking leave at the moment.

Sum It Up

One of the most encompassing reasons to lose leads is due to a lack of data accuracy and timely interaction with them. If you are struggling to manage too many lost leads, CentraHub CRM could help you with your current lead nurturing efforts.

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