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Partner with Centra Hub

Be a part of the Centra Hub partnership program and Join us on this journey to build and implement an innovative solution to create the customer experience.

Partnership with Saas is the key to build your customer base and maintain a competitive advantage. We want to help startups grow their business by giving them access to marketing, sales, and service software at a startup-friendly cost.

Reasons to become a partner with Centra Hub

  • deployable solution
    Quick and easily deployable solution
  • Deep verticalized
    Deep verticalized offering
  • Crm cloud model
    Cloud and On-premise model offering
  • crm application integrations
    10+ Pre-integrated application catalog
  • client solutions
    500+ clients and multiple lingual solutions
  • crm global presence
    Global presence and Certification program

Solutions Centra Hub Offers

Build your cloud practice on the SaaS platform that can handle an entire business, end to end from CRM, and marketing to customer support.

Centra Hub solutions

Centra Hub Alliance and Partnership Program

CAPP is designed in a structure that ensures growth and expansion for the partners, all major aspects of their business. Every partner can choose to become either a Registered Partner, a Certified Partner or a Premium Partner. Each of these three levels has its own unique features and benefits.

centra hub registered partner

Registered Partner

Becoming a Registered Partner is a cost-effective yet scalable way to begin your engagement with Centra Hub.

centra hub crm certified partner

Certified Partner

Receive certification in Centra solutions to further, bolster your team’s education and provide greater opportunities to grow your business with additional discounts.

Become a Partner
centra hub crm premium partner

Premium Partner

Develop, implement, and sell products and services across all Centra Hub Products. Premium Partners can get additional support for developing a marketing plan along with marketing development funds for campaign execution.

Partnership Program Benefits

Shape better customer experience with our Centra Hub

Centra Hub partnership program gives you the potential to reach new customers to increase your margins and provide savings benefits on deal registration, renewals, and services. Ease of doing business with Centra Hub offers responsive support to partners along with fast turnarounds, transparent communications, and other services to enable you to meet your customers’ needs better and faster. CAPP members can expect the following business benefits:

  • Product License
  • Participation in Centra Events
  • Branding and collateral access
  • Partner/demo portal
  • Training and certification

Let's build and grow with the best innovative solution for your customers, together.

Centra Hub Partnership

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