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Simplifying Payrolls: Streamlining Business with Integrated Online Solutions.

CRM Solutions
Shifts, Time and Attendance

Unlock productivity with CentraHub HCM’s employee time tracking software and centralize timesheets on a single system. Automatically record all logins and logouts with complete attendance data as well as shift details.

Define multiple shifts and align them with the payroll, based on daily, monthly and periodic attendance. Benefit from a single source of all attendance data to unlock maximum productivity and efficiency through our employee time management software.

CRM Solutions
Attendance Information

Reduce costs and resources that go into the administration of attendance information. Use our employee attendance system to manage payroll with confidence. Increase data accuracy and gain 360-degree view over schedules and time balance.

Our software allows you to introduce transparency in your attendance through real-time data retrieval. The HR attendance software’s seamless integration with biometric devices would eliminate any possible hiccups in the gathering and storage of attendance data.

CRM Solutions

Are you dependent on disparate attendance management systems to track employees in real-time? Our online employee scheduling software is equipped with geofencing tracking tools to ensure attendance data is captured in accordance with the employee’s physical presence in a virtual parameter.

The geofencing time and attendance tracking in our digital HCM software would put an end to buddy-punching, inaccurate work hour records and other possible loopholes, increasing productivity significantly.

CRM Solutions
Earnings and Deduction

An error-free calculation of earnings and wages is a major pre-requisite for an HR and payroll management software. Use our automated solution to gain total control over the computation of employee payroll and wage deductions.

Certify all deductions and maintain clear records for all elements of employee salary. Run the whole payroll process automatically with just a few clicks while retaining control over core aspects.

Payroll Software

Compensation Plan Modelling

Model the best-suited compensation plans for your organization with smart management of earnings, deductions, loans and leaves. Define pay tags, groups, batches and frequencies for effective payroll administration.

As the providers of best compensation management software, we offer you payroll system with multi-dimensional capabilities to view, manage and control compensation plans across your organization at all levels.

Payroll Software

CTC Matrix

Manage the payroll CTC matrix with ease and effectiveness. Review and finalize the CTC matrix and avoid errors. Track salary revisions against each payroll component and stay on top of all transactions.

With our employee pay matrix management tools, you could streamline the whole payroll process by reducing manual data feeding and increase automation across all steps.

Payroll Software
Payroll Software

Ad-Hoc Deductions

Managing deductions usually weighs heavily on the shoulders of payroll administrators. Use our cloud-based payroll software to manage ad hoc deductions without causing any ripples in the overall payroll process.

The online payroll management system would ensure that all ad hoc deductions reflect in the system in real time, eliminating the possibilities of inaccurate records and errors.

Payroll Software

Flexible Payouts

Enjoy utmost flexibility in managing payroll and payouts. Modernize the processes by replacing manual practices with automation-driven mechanisms.

Flexible payouts allow you to gain control and oversight over the payouts and manage employee benefits with ease.

Payroll Software

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Payroll Software

Payroll Processing

Facing challenges in embracing a diverse salary structure? Salaries not getting disbursed on time? Delays and errors damaging employee morale and affecting retention? Deploy the most effective payroll processing HR software today!

Automate payroll process in the HR solution and eliminate your dependencies on disparate software. Use this centralized payroll processing software to end your salary computation woes!

Payroll Software

Statutory Compliance

Are you spending too much time and resources in ensuring your payroll is compliant with statutory audit? Our payroll solution would single-handedly take care of compliance through its powerful tools and features.

It is also equipped with automated tax computation processes and tools to manage regional statutory compliance.

Payroll Software
Payroll Software

WPS Settings

A complete and reliable wage protection system would provide you protection from delays in salary disbursement and improve employee satisfaction. Customize the WPS settings to suit your organization’s requirements.

Automate the complete process of salary disbursement with the WPS tools and ensure your business fulfills the highest degree of compliance.

Payroll Software

Posting to Financial Systems

Our smart payroll software is seamlessly integrated with ERP and financial systems. You would no longer have to worry about multi-company employee payroll as the HCM software would post all details to the centralized financial system.

The seamless integration with payroll accounting system also helps you circumvent duplications and provides you with real-time information pertaining to salaries and payroll.

Payroll Software
Payroll Software

Payroll Reporting and Paysheets

A 360-degree view of your company’s payroll is one of the most defining features of CentraHub HCM. With the pay reports and payroll sheets, you could get detailed reports as well as instant data to aid you in decision making.

You could also customize the reporting tools to generate specific reports and view data from different angles.


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