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What is CPQ Software?

CPQ stands for 'Configure, Price and Quote' It is a critical sales tool that allows sales personnel to configure product offerings, compute the prices and generate accurate quotes that could be shared with prospects, leads, and customers.

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CentraHub CRM is equipped with a reliable CPQ tool that could be customized according to your company's rules and preferences related to quantities, discounts, customizations, product specializations, and other aspects.

Sales teams spend 66% of their time in 'non-selling activities' such as generating quotes and obtaining approvals. With CentraHub CRM's CPQ quoting tool, your sales team would significantly reduce their 'non-selling time' and would be able to concentrate more on core sales activities.

By automating the whole process of quote generation, your sales team would lower the approval time and increase the number of engagements that translate into sales.

Cloud deployment

Instant quotes with accurate data

E-commerce integrations

AI-driven and ML-based quotes

Key Benefits of CPQ Software

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Boost Sales Effectiveness and Efficiency

CentraHub CRM’s CPQ pricing software instills confidence among your sales force through its instant and error-free quotes that would drive them to sell more.

Build Smart Sales Processes

Define and put into action a set of smart sales processes that are propelled by data and AI. Eliminate the clutter and cut down the sales cycle.

Decrease Costs and Increase ROI

Increase ROI by maximizing your reach to a wider audience. Optimize pricing, encourage up-selling and identify more opportunities while reducing costs.

crm accounting software

Key Features of Online CPQ Software

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  • Define rules for quotes and discounts
  • Ensure sales compliance with company policies
  • Streamline and standardize the complete quotation process


  • Set robust mechanisms to control product-specific pricing
  • Put in place margin-protecting measures to prevent rogue discounts
  • Encourage cross-selling and up-selling through price recommendations


  • Third-party integrations through RESTful APIs
  • E-invoicing tools for digital commerce
  • Industry-specific CRM templates and features

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The Centra CRM software has given us a centralized view on your business and control everything we do.

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It is not a difficult system to learn. The quality of training that was provided for staff at head office was good and they now enjoying on the system.

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