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Simplify your day-to-day operations with CentraHub HCM to drive efficiency and enhance your employee experience for everything from hire to retire.

CentraHub HCM
CentraHub HCM
CentraHub HCM
Shift & Attendance
CentraHub HCM
Leaves & Loans
CentraHub HCM
CentraHub HCM
Movements & Allocation
CentraHub HCM
Performance Appraisals
CentraHub HCM
Training & Careers
CentraHub HCM
HR Forms
CentraHub HCM
CentraHub HCM
CentraHub HCM
Reports & BI

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One Solution for All HR Needs

Transform to make your people management easier, more accurate, and smoother.

CentraHub HCM
CentraHub HCM

Payroll Management

Effective payroll management ensures accurate calculation and timely disbursement of employee wages, taxes, and benefits. Automating payroll processes enhances efficiency, minimizes errors, while ensuring complete compliance with tax regulations and labor laws.

  • CRM SolutionsSimplify payroll process
  • CRM SolutionsManage compensation and benefits
  • CRM SolutionsAutomate tax calculations and filing
  • CRM SolutionsDirect deposit to employee bank accounts
  • CRM SolutionsFull and final statement tracking
  • CRM SolutionsOversee employee loans
  • CRM SolutionsEnsure adherence to compliance

Recruitment Management

The system streamlines candidate sourcing, screening, and selection, resulting in faster hiring cycles and reduced time to fill positions. Centralizing applicant data and automating workflows enhances collaboration among hiring teams and improves communication with candidates.

  • CRM SolutionsCreate and advertise job postings
  • CRM SolutionsStreamline screening
  • CRM SolutionsApplicant tracking system (ATS)
  • CRM SolutionsCoordinate and schedule interviews
  • CRM SolutionsEnable collaborative hiring
  • CRM SolutionsMaintain a searchable candidate database
  • CRM SolutionsAutomated emails and notifications
CentraHub HCM
CentraHub HCM

Talent Management

It involves a strategic approach to recruiting, developing, and retaining talented employees, which is crucial for driving organizational success. Attracting top talent and nurturing their skills through targeted development programs enhances employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction.

  • CRM SolutionsSeamless onboarding process
  • CRM SolutionsOffer training and development
  • CRM SolutionsIdentify and prepare future leaders
  • CRM SolutionsImprove employee engagement
  • CRM SolutionsDevelop compensation packages

ESS Portal

ESS portal integration offers numerous benefits to both employees and organizations. It empowers employees to manage their personal information, view pay stubs, and update contact details independently, reducing HR administrative workload while improving employee satisfaction.

  • CRM SolutionsManage personal information
  • CRM SolutionsAccess to pay and tax details
  • CRM SolutionsView attendance, leave requests, and balances
  • CRM SolutionsEnroll and access training data
  • CRM SolutionsView performance feedback and appraisal
  • CRM SolutionsInternal messaging systems for employee communication
CentraHub HCM
CentraHub HCM

Performance Management

Enhance employee performance through automated evaluations, aligning individual goals with business objectives, and fostering continuous feedback loops. Boost engagement with recognition and address areas for improvement effectively.

  • CRM SolutionsAllow goal setting and tracking
  • CRM SolutionsFacilitate ongoing feedback exchanges
  • CRM SolutionsConduct periodic performance evaluations
  • CRM SolutionsEvaluate employee competencies and skills against job

HR Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your workforce data, enabling data-driven decisions and strategic planning. By analyzing HR metrics and trends, optimize workforce planning, recruitment strategies, and employee engagement, reduce turnover, and boost productivity.

  • CRM SolutionsGather relevant data from various systems
  • CRM SolutionsAnalyze all the HR data
  • CRM SolutionsIdentify challenges and opportunities
  • CRM SolutionsProvide insights to support decision-making
  • CRM SolutionsForecast future workforce trends
  • CRM SolutionsComparing HR metrics and performance indicators
CentraHub HCM

Our Competitive Differentiators

CRM Solutions

Scalable Offerings

Designed to Support expanding businesses with unmatched scalable features

CRM Solutions

Flexible & Adaptable

Flexible solution to suit your organization’s changing needs, compatible with 3rd-party systems

CRM Solutions

Deeply Verticalized

100+ vertical-specific Solutions have been built on our CRM and deployed for customer-specific industries

CRM Solutions

Standard Integrations

Our Solutions Could be Seamlessly integrated with 10+ major global applications

CRM Solutions


User could enable further integrations through RESTful APIs to maximize application usability

CRM Solutions

Dynamic Governance

24/7 transparency and control over applications to enforce compliance as required

CRM Solutions

Mobile Apps

Customer-specific mobile app that ensure users are connected with their business anytime

CRM Solutions

Customized Solutions

CRM with 99% no-code customizations. Personalizationthrough parameters and customization settings

Features That Make People Management Easier

CRM SolutionsWorkforce
CRM SolutionsRecruitment
CRM SolutionsShift & Attendance
CRM SolutionsLeaves & Loans
CRM SolutionsPayroll
CRM SolutionsMovements & Allocation
CRM SolutionsPerformance Appraisals
CRM SolutionsTraining & Careers
CRM SolutionsHR Forms
CRM SolutionsESS
CRM SolutionsStatutory
CRM SolutionsReports & BI
CentraHub CRM

Integrations to
Elevate Your Day-To-Day Tasks

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CentraHub CRM
CentraHub CRM
CentraHub CRM
CentraHub CRM

Key Capabilities

CRM Solutions

Security Standards

Adhere to robust security protocols to ensure your employee data is protected against unauthorized access, data breaches, and identity theft.

CRM Solutions

Custom Permissions

Customize access levels based on specific data requirements for individuals or teams and automate application provisioning aligned with their roles and permissions.

CRM Solutions

Approval chains

Establish clear pathways for authorizing critical decisions such as hiring, promotions, leave requests, and expense reimbursements.

CRM Solutions

Data Logs

Keep record of all activities and changes made within the system to track employee interactions, monitor compliance, and investigate any discrepancies.

CRM Solutions

Notifications & Alerts

Keep employees and managers updated on the latest information and deadlines of various HR-related activities, events, and tasks.

CRM Solutions

Communication Threads

Create and maintain threaded discussions in one place to ensure that conversations related to specific topics are structured and easy to follow.

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CentraHub HCM

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