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What does Delivery & Courier CRM do?

  • Track and manage all incoming orders.
  • Simplify invoicing and billing.
  • Digitalize and optimize every process.
  • Provides efficient vehicle route planning and tracking.
  • Delivers insightful data for improvements.
  • Helps your teams to stay connected from anywhere.

How Is CRM Important For Delivery & Courier Service?

  • Records customer information and interactions to use them for upselling and cross-selling.
  • Use detailed reporting and analytics to improve parcel delivery performance.
  • Schedule vehicles, design route plans, and provide easy-to-follow routing directions to the drivers. 
  • Avoid last-minute no-shows by giving your workers their schedules as much in advance as possible. 

CentraHub CRM – Our Customized CRM Solution for Delivery and Courier Services

CentraHub CRM is customizable CRM software with powerful tools ideal for delivery and courier service providers. The courier management software helps manage customer information, streamline operations, and improve customer satisfaction. It includes advanced technologies and features for automated dispatching, real-time tracking, and integration with popular shipping providers. It also has powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling businesses to track and optimize performance.

Why Choose CentraHub CRM?

CentraHub CRM is new-age courier delivery management software that assists businesses in increasing efficiency and timely delivery. This system optimizes delivery routes, provides complete order information, and enables end-to-end visibility into all business operations to enhance client experiences and expand outreach.

Powered By Automation Tools

Powerful automation tools that reduce manual intervention in performing repetitive tasks of order dispatching and tracking. It frees up staff to focus on more valuable activities.

Forecast Accurately With Tracking and Analytics

Real-time tracking and analytics capabilities enable delivery and courier service providers to optimize their performance and make informed decisions.

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Tailored to Meet Your Business Needs

Highly customizable CRM software includes a range of advanced modules and add-ons that could be tailored to meet the specific needs of service providers.

Intuitive UI for Quicker Adoption

Intuitive and easy-to-use system lets your staff quickly learn and adapt while enabling a smooth transition with minimal disruption to existing operations.

Multi-Channel Conversations

Multi-channel communication capabilities allow delivery and logistics businesses to communicate with customers via their preferred channels to improve engagement.

Manage Business on the Move

Cloud-based CRM software allows users to access business data on any device to help the staff know which prospects or customers to focus on and increase business productivity.

Allow Easy Integration

The software integrates with popular third-party applications enabling businesses to manage their commerce and payment processes easily.

Scalable to Grow with Your Business

The scalable system is able to grow with your business, providing you with the flexibility required to expand operations.

Modules You Get

Our CRM software for courier management comes with the modules you need to deliver excellent service experiences. It connects all your business teams on one platform for faster and better service fulfilment.

  • Accounts
  • Price books
  • Calendar Management
  • Task Management
  • Sales Order and Invoicing
  • Route Planner and Location Trackers
  • Workflows
  • Authorizations

How We're Helping Our Customers?

Deliver value fast

Meet your unique business needs by making data instantly available without losing control over data security.

Make work more visible

Track work across all departments and view them on a single dashboard to ensure pending ones are completed.

Dev and Ops that flow

Our services are backed by a dedicated team to accelerate critical development work and deploy changes with ease.

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