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To Create Worklog in the Service Module in CentraHub CRM

To Create Worklog in the Service Module in CentraHub CRM

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1. Click on the Request Module on the left-hand side of the Service application dashboard.

2. From the drop-down list of Requests, click on View Request.

3. On the Request List page, click on the individual record to get detailed information.

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CRM Software India

4. Under the Related Lists on Details of Request page, you can view worklogs of the request.

5. Click on the Action button of work logs to create a work log.

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6. Click on New Worklog. Enter the relevant details.

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Field Specification of Worklog

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General: General information is automatically filled when the request is created.

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Billing Info:

Is billable: Click on the checkbox if the request is billable that is have any additional charges.

Bill Amount: Enter the bill amount

New Task: To create a New Task. You can set up the task from the worklog of the request.

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Enter the subject of the New Task.

Due date and due time

Details are automatically filled with respect to the request.

Task Type

Select the type of task from the drop-down list.


Set the duration of the task.

7. Click Save

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