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Territory Management in CentraHub CRM

Territory Management is a process by which all customers’ accounts are grouped based on a set of criteria. It makes it easy for sharing customer information among different sales teams in your organization.

Benefits of Territory management

Use of Territory management in Business

Using Territory Management in your business helps you to segment accounts, contacts and deals based on their territories. You can even have a territory hierarchy and their sub territories. Define criteria for each of these territories and based on them, assign the records. Based on the territory criteria, when the records are created or modified, territories are automatically assigned to the records.

Steps to Create a New Location

Steps to Create a New Location

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1. Click on the Location Module on the left-hand side of the Sales Application dashboard.

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Best CRM Software

2. From the drop-down list, click on Create Location.

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3.On the New Location page, enter the relevant details.

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Field Description for a New Location


Enter the Location where your company is operating.


Enter the Location Code for easy identification.


Select the currency value of your location from the drop-down list.

4. Click Save.

Note: There are two options, ‘Save’ and ‘Save and New’. The former would just save the Location you have created while the latter would save the new Location and open a fresh page to create yet another new Location.

You could use the ‘Cancel’ option to cancel the current Location creation

Steps to View locations in the Location Home page

Steps to View locations in the Location Home page

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1. Click on Location on the left side of the sales application dashboard.

2. Click View Location.The Location List page would be displayed.

3.On the Location List page, you can view all the existing locations.

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1. Edit

Edit the saved/existing Location.

2. View

Access the view layout of the Location Page.

3. Look in

Shows the list of users who can access the page.

4. New Location

Create a new Location.

5. Actions (3Dot)

Perform various actions.

6. List Button

View Location in list view or split view screen.

7. Search

Search from the saved Location.

8. Filter

Find specific Locations by using filter options.

4. Click on any Location to access its detailed information.

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1. Edit

To edit details regarding the Location.

2. print

To print the selected data.

3. Show details

To show complete details of the Location.

4. Tags

Create tags and use these tags anywhere in the module.

5. Related list

Shows the list of attachments for the Location.

6. Activity Stream

Shows the history of actions performed on the Location.

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