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Managing Tasks in CRM

A Task is a specific work that is usually time-bound. In CentraHub CRM, tasks are listed on the Record home page, Activities home page, and other related modules.

Steps to Create Task in CentraHub CRM

Steps to Create Task in CentraHub CRM

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1.Click on the Task Module on the left-hand side of the Marketing Application dashboard.

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CRM Software Support

2. In the Task homepage, click on New Task.

3. On the New Task page, enter the relevant details.

Fields Description for a New Task

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1.Task details: Complete information about any particular Task.


Enter the Task subject.


Select the Task status from the drop-down list.

Assign To

Select the user to whom the Task is assigned.

Related to

Select the modules related to the Task.

Contact Name

Enter the name of the Contact person.

Due date

Select the due date for completing the Task.


Define the priority of Tasks from low, high, or medium.

Email Notification

Send email notification about the Task.

Email Template

Select the email template to send notification.

2. Additional information: Enter the additional information related to the Task. (Phone no. and Email of the contact)

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4.Click Save. A new Task would be created.

Note: There are two options, ‘Save’ and ‘Save and New’. The former would just save the Task you created while the latter would save the new Task and open a fresh page to create yet another new Task.

You could use the ‘Cancel’ option to cancel the current Task creation.

Steps to View Task

1.On the Task Home List page, you can view all existing Tasks.

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1. View

View all types of Tasks.

2. Edit

Edit any saved/existing Task.

3. New Task

Create a new Task

4. Actions (3Dot)

Perform various activities.

5. Look-in

Sort the Tasks the are created by the specified user.

6. Split Screen

To view the task list in the split view screen.

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2.Click on any Task to view its detailed information.

1. Edit

Edit any saved/existing Task.

2. Clone

Clone the selected Task and modify its details.

3. Print

Print any Task.

4. Delete

Delete any Task.

5. Tags

Create tags that can be used anywhere in the module.

6. Activity Stream

Displays all the activities related to any Task.

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