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Standard Reports in CentraHub CRM

Reports show how your leads are progressing or regressing through the decision process and what opportunities are pending. It gives an overview of all your business operations across the department. Advanced reports help marketers set quotes for their campaigns and help salespeople optimize their sales strategies based on the available opportunities.


Steps to View Standard Reports in CentraHub CRM

Steps to View Standard Reports in CentraHub CRM

CentraHub CRM Software

1. Click on the Report module. Reports Home page displays all the Standard Reports, which are inbuilt in the CRM.

CentraHub CRM Software

Field Description for a New Activity

1. All Folders

All the stored Reports.

2. Go

To search the required Report.

3. New

To create a New Report.

4. Actions

To perform the required actions.

CentraHub CRM Software

2. From the list of Reports displayed, click on the required Report Folder.

3. Displays Report details.


To find data depending on the requirement.

Hide details/show details

Click on the Hide Details button to hide the data and click Show Details to see the hidden information.


To customize your report depending on the Report Type.

Save As

To save the record with a new name.


Create charts in multiple formats (bar graph, pie charts, funnel charts, etc.)


For analyzing the overall reports.

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