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SLA in CentraHub CRM

A Service Level Agreement is the service that you agreed to deliver to your customers. SLA management in CentraHub CRM monitors your service level performance and allows you to set conditions for resolving tickets to satisfy the SLA policy.

SLA management feature is constructed to achieve the expected output within a predefined period. It exactly tells time taken to resolve a particular ticket. It is customizable feature and you can create escalation procedures for your tickets depending upon their priority. You can even activate or deactivate SLAs which you created in the system.

Steps for the SLA in CentraHub CRM

Steps for the SLA in CentraHub CRM

CRM System Help Docs

1. Go to settings of CentraHub CRM. Type SLA in the search box on the left side of the screen.

CRM System Help Docs
CRM System Help Docs

2. From the drop-down list of Service Desk, Click on SLA.

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3. On SLA list page, Click on New SLA

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Field Specification of SLA


SLA Name

Enter the SLA name used for the service contract.


Select a location from the drop-down list.

Cost of SLA

Enter the cost of SLA used in the service contract.

Default template

Select templates of SLA from the drop-down list.

First response goal

The percentage of tickets whose first responses were sent within specified SLA time period.

Resolution goal

The total time taken to fully resolve an issue from the time it had been logged.

Resolved goal

Percentage of tickets resolved within the specified time.

Options :

Business hours

Select the Business hours from the drop-down list.

End after visits

Enter the number of visits to the service contract.

End after hours

Enter the number of hours of visits end.

Warn after visits

Set alert when the visits come to end.

Min Hours for visit

Enter the minimum hours of the visits.

Contract period

Select the contract period from the drop-down list.

Business rules:

Set the business rules for the SLA. Click on Add New.

CRM System Help Docs

Business hours: Enter the business hours for the SLA.

CRM System Help Docs

Spare Parts: Select the Spare parts from the drop-down list.

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CRM System Help Docs

Escalation: Select the escalation template from the drop-down list

4. Click Save.

To View the list of SLAs in the CRM

To View the list of SLAs in the CRM

CRM System Help Docs

1. On the SLA List page, you can view all your SLAs.

2. To Edit SLAs, Click on the Edit option for individual SLA.

CRM System Help Docs

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