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Call-Request in CentraHub CRM

Call is the service request from the customer. It can be about the services request or complaints regarding the issues with your product/service.

The requests can be in the form of telecalls, which is directly received from the customer by the support team or by emails.

Benefits of the Request Module

Steps to Create Call Request in Service Application

Steps to Create Call Request in Service Application

CRM System Help Docs

1. Click on the Request module or click the arrow button beside the Request module.

2. From the drop-down list, Click on the Create Request.

CRM System Help Docs
CRM System Help Docs

3. On the New Request page, enter the relevant details.

Search box: It is used to display account information automatically.


Enter the Account name. Click on Search. It automatically displays the account information.


Search account information using phone numbers. Select the contact number from the drop-down list.


Select Owner from the drop-down list. Account information of the owner would be displayed.

Account Information:


Select the Account from the drop-down list or you can create a new Account.


Select the contact from the drop-down list or create a new Contact.

Request mode

Select the Request mode (Phone, E-mail, SMS, or Web)


Enter the customer address.

Contact no

Enter the customer contact number.

Request Information:


Enter the subject of the Request.


Enter the description of the service Request.


Select the Request status from the drop-down list. (New, open, on-hold, or resolved)


Select the Contract type. (AMC, Non-contract)


Select the issue related to the product/service or create a new issue type.


Select the service priority from the drop-down list (Normal, low, medium, or High)

Preferred date and time

Enter the date and time as per customer preferences.

Assignment Information:


Select the queue in which the call is assigned.

Assign to

Select the executive to whom the Request has been assigned to in the queue.


Select the role of the person.

4. Click the Save button to save the Request. A New Request would be created.

Note: There are two options, ‘Save’ and ‘Save and New’. The former would just save the Request you created while the latter would save the new Request and open a fresh page to create yet another new Request. You could use the ‘Cancel’ option to cancel the current request creation.

Steps to View Request

Steps to View Request

CRM System Help Docs

1. Click on the Request Module on the left-hand side of the Service Application dashboard.

2.From the drop-down list, click on View Request.

CRM System Help Docs
CRM System Help Docs

3. On the Request List page, you can view all the existing Requests.

1. Look-in

Sort the call Requests created by the specified user.

2. View

View all the types of calls.

3. New Request

Create a new Request.

4. Actions

Action tab to perform various activities.

5. Edit

Edit any saved/existing Call Request.

6. Delete

Delete Call Request from the list.

7. Split

View the call list in the split view screen layout.

CRM System Help Docs

4.Click on any Call Request to access its detailed information.

CRM System Help Docs

1. Edit

Edit any details related to the Request.

2. Clone

Clone the selected Request and modify its details.

3. Print

Print any Call Request.

4. Tags

Create tags.

5. Related list

Displays all the activities related to the Request.

6. Activity stream

Record each and every activity related to the Request.

7. Call resolution

Resolved call information for the call Request.

8. Ticket history

Displays the history of all actions performed for any Request.

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