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Reporting Hierarchy in CentraHub CRM

The Reporting Hierarchy feature in CentraHub CRM allows you to set up the organization's hierarchy structure based on the roles and assign users to reporting managers for well-defined accessibility.

A designation is an act of identifying someone by their names, titles, or assignments. It is allocated as per your organization/management hierarchy. Assign roles to your employees based on departments and different kinds of works they handle.

Steps to Create Designation

Steps to Create Designation

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1. Click on the Designation module or click the arrow button beside the designation module.

2. From the drop-down list, Click Create Designation.

3. On the New Designation page, enter the relevant details.

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Fields description of Department module:

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1. Name

Enter the Designation name.

2. Code

Enter Code for the Designation. It can be alphanumeric, numbers depending on your requirement.

3. Reporting to

From the drop-down list, select the person who should be reported to depending on the hierarchy. This is the master field where new Designation could be added to the drop-down list.

4. Click on Save.

Steps to View Designation

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1. Click on the Designation module to the left side of the Marketing Application dashboard.

2. Click View Designation. Designation List page would be displayed.

1. Edit

To edit the saved Designations.

2. View

To view all types of Designation. You can select the View Layout from the drop-down list in view.

3. Look in

To sort the Designations created by the specified user.

4. New Designation

To create a new Designation.

5. Actions (3Dot)

To perform various activities Designation creation.

6. Split

To view the Designation List in the split view mode.

7. Search

To search the saved Designation as you need.

8. Filter

To find Designations based on different categories.

3. Click on any individual Designation to get detailed information about it.

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1. Print

To directly print the selected Designation details.

2. Tags

Create tags and use these tags anywhere in the module.

3. Related list

All activities performed under a particular Designation are recorded.

4. Activity stream

Each single activity updates are recorded.

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