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Records in CentraHub CRM

CentraHub CRM basically stores information in the form of Records. So, any information that is provided by the user to CRM, gets stored in the CRM and gets termed as Record. Once the user provides information, the CRM stores it as Record in its respective Module.

Example: If the user provides information on new Account then the information gets stored in the CRM as Record.

Addition of Records in CRM can be done in the following ways:

Manual entry record

Manual entry of record is entering the required data through the respective Module.

Import Data

Refers to importing data from outside the software.

Record Cloning

Cloning of record refers to entering the required data in the existing Record and making a new Record.

To View Records in CentraHub CRM

To View Records in CentraHub CRM


1. Select the [Module] in the Search Box below CentraHub CRM Icon. ( Module refers to Accounts, Leads, campaign, etc., )


2. On the Homepage of [Module], you can view all the records which are stored in CRM of the particular module.

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