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To Set the Profiles in CentraHub CRM

To Set the Profiles in CentraHub CRM

CRM System Help Docs

1. Go to settings of CentraHub CRM. Type Profile in the search box on the left side of the screen."CRM
CRM System Help Docs

2. Click on New Profile to create a new profile.

3. On Profile list page, fill up with the relevant field.

4. Click Save and the profile would be created in the CRM database.

Field Specification for Profiles Information.

CRM System Help Docs


Refers to the Profile Name


Enter the Profile description.

ModuleAccess Rights

Refers to predefining the access rights for modules.

Steps to Define Module Access Rights

1. Select the Application type. (Marketing, telemarketing, sales, etc.)

2. Select the Module Name and choose the access right as per profile requirement. (Read, write, full, etc.)

3.Click on the Related Module to define its Data Access Rights.

4. Select the Field Rights as per the required data access rights of the profile.

5. Click on Misc. Rights to predefine Data Access Rights.

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