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Product Module

The product module in CentraHub CRM helps you stay informed about all the products that your company sells to the clients. It helps store the necessary information of each product, including Name, Product Group, Product Code, Warranty on product, and Product Type.

Benefits of Product Module

Steps to Create a Product in CentraHub CRM

Steps to Create a Product in CentraHub CRM

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1. Click on the Product module or click the arrow button beside the product module.

2. From the drop-down list, Click on the Create Product. ( New Product page displays)

3. On New Product page, enter the relevant details.

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Field Description for a New Product

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Enter the Product name.


Enter the product description.

Product Group

States the Product group to which the product belongs. (Product Group could be customized by clicking on it).

Product Code

Enter the Product code for easy identification.

Number of days Warranty

Enter the Product Warranty details (In number of days).

Product Group type

Select the product group type from the drop-down list.

4. Click Save to save the Product.

Note: There are two options, one named ‘Save’ and another named ‘Save and New’. The former would save the Product details you just created while the latter would save the new Product details and also open a fresh page to create another new Product.

Steps to View Product List

Steps to View Product List

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1. Click on Product Module available on the left-hand side of the sales application dashboard.

2. Click View Product. (The Product List Page would be displayed)

3. In Product List page, you can view all the existing products.

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1. Edit

To edit any Product.

2. View

To select the view layout of the Product page.

3. Look in

Shows the list of users who can access the Product page.

4. New Product

To create a new Product.

5. Actions (3Dot)

To perform various actions.

6. List Button

To view leads in list view or split view mode.

7. Search Account

To search a saved Product.

8. Filter

To find any Product based on different categories.

4. Click on any individual record of product record to get Detail information about it.

CRM Software Support

1. Edit

To edit details regarding the Product.

2. Delete

To delete any saved Product.

3. Clone

To clone the selected Product and enter the required details.

4. Print

To print the selected product details.

5. Show details

To show complete details of any Product.

6. Tags

To create tags.

7. Related lists

Shows the list of all activities with reference to a Product.

8. Activity stream

Shows the history of actions performed for a particular Product.

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