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PriceBooks in CentraHub CRM

Price Books, in general, are catalogs that provide information on selling prices of products offered by the business entity. Price Books in CentraHub CRM helps to store price details of different products at various store outlets on the software platform. Thus, the Price Books system eliminates the need to store paper copies of Price Books.

Steps to Create PriceBook in CRM

Steps to Create PriceBook in CRM

CentraHub CRM Software

1. Go to settings of CentraHub CRM. Type Price book in the search box on the left side of the screen.

CentraHub CRM Software
CentraHub CRM Software

2. From the drop-down list of module customization, Click on Price Book.

Steps to Create a New Activity

3. Click on New Price Book button on the Product Price Book List Page.(A New Price Book page would be displayed)

4. On the New Price Book page, enter the relevant details.

Field Specification for Product Price Books List page

CentraHub CRM Software

1. PriceBook

Enter the Price Book name.

2. Start Date

Enter the date from when the Price Book is going to be applicable.

3. End Date

Specify the date till when Price Book is going to be effective.

4. Location

Select Location from the drop-down list. (For the location the Product Price Book is applicable)

5. Price Grid

Specify the Product-wise price details.

Note: Val0, Val1, Val2, etc., refer to the subtotals of amounts after the required additions or subtractions are made and Rate refers to the final rate of the products.

4 Click Save and your New Price book is created.

Steps to Import a PriceBook

Steps to Import a PriceBook

CentraHub CRM Software

1. On the Product, Pricebook list homepage, Select the PriceBook. Click on Import.

2. In the import price book window, enter the relevant details.

CentraHub CRM Software

Field Specification of import Price book:

CentraHub CRM Software

Template Detail:


Select the Template Details tab on the Price Books page. (Note: You can always select a New Template option.)

2.Template Name

Refers to the name of the template under which Imported Price Books would be categorized.

3.File attachment

Attach File in Excel Sheet format.

4. Column name at Line No

Enter the column number of excel sheet from where details start.

5. Start of Body Row

Enter the row number of excel sheet from where details start.

Mapping details:

While filling the details of Mapping fields ensure that same terminology is used as in the excel sheet.

3. Click Finish.

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