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Parts Replaced using CRM

To Generate Parts to be Replaced in the Service Module in CentraHub CRM

To Generate Parts to be Replaced in the Service Module in CentraHub CRM


1. Click the Request Module on the left-hand side of the Service Application dashboard.

2. From the drop-down list, click on View Request.


3.In the Request List page, click on the individual request to get detailed information about it.


4.On the Request Detail page, under the Related Lists, you could view parts replaced in that particular request.

5. Click on the Actions button to create a new parts replacement request.

6.Select Replace Parts and enter the relevant details.


Field Specification of Parts Replaced:


Cost Name

Enter the cost name of parts that need to be replaced.

Cost Code

Enter the cost code for easy identification and uniqueness.

Date purchased

Set the date of purchase of the product.

PO Date

Set the parts order date of that product.

Product information: Select the product parts that require replacement from the drop-down list in the data grid.

Options: Click on the checkboxes to create customer asset or bill amount or both.


7. Click Save.

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