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Notify Owner

Notify owner feature in CentraHub CRM alerts users about any action that needs to be taken based on the predefined specified conditions. It also allows you to send instant messages or reminders to users online, regardless of location.

Benefits of Notify Owner

Steps Involved in Notify Owner using CentraHub CRM

Steps Involved in Notify Owner using CentraHub CRM

CRM System Help Docs

1. Go to settings of CentraHub CRM. Type Workflow in the search box on the left side of the screen.

CRM System Help Docs
CRM System Help Docs

2. Click on Workflow to Create a New Workflow.

3. On Workflow list page, enter the relevant details.

Field Specification for Workflow List

CRM System Help Docs


1.WorkFlow Name

Specify the name of the Workflow to automate operation (In this case of Scheduling mass Email).

2.Execute On

Refers to the Module to which Workflow would be linked. Select from the drop-down list.

3.Evaluate On

It refers to the condition on which the Workflow has to be automated. (To Schedule Mass Mail on a periodic basis, Select the Periodic option and Define Frequency template on a periodic basis).


Refers to the priority of executing a Workflow when other Workflows are linked to the same Module.


( If Priority =1, then that WorkFlow is automated first).


(If Priority =2, then that Workflow is second in the order with respect to a concerning a particular Module)

Note:Priority of any Workflow could be assigned based on the requirement.



CRM System Help Docs

Click Action Tab on the WorkFlow List page.

1. Notifications

Click on Notifications to open a dialogue box.

2. Title

Enter the Notification Title.

3. Notification

Enter the Text message that would be shown as Notification.

4. Recipient Type

From the drop-down list, select the Recipient Type who would be receiving the Notifications.

4. Click Ok. [Notification would be automatically triggered in the scheduled time]

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