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Lead Management

In CentraHub CRM, Lead represents an individual or a business entity, with which a company may do business. In general, it represents an individual or entity who has ever shown interest in doing business dealings with the company. Leads are obtained through many channels of the marketing campaign. Once the leads are collected, it becomes the task of the sales department to convert the Lead into a potential customer.

Benefits of Lead Module

Steps to Create a Lead in CentraHub CRM

Steps to Create a Lead in CentraHub CRM

CentraHub CRM Software

1. Click on the Lead Module on the left-hand side of the Marketing Application dashboard.

2. From the drop-down list, Click on Create Lead. (A new Lead page would be displayed)

CentraHub CRM Software
CentraHub CRM Software

3. On the New Lead page, enter the relevant details.

Field Description for a New Lead:


The company refers to the name of the business.


It is the salutation for the person contacted.

Last Name

Enter the last name of the person.

Lead State

Select the Lead State from the drop-down list. (Qualified or Unqualified)


Refers to the user who would have access to the page.


Select the campaign through which the Lead is obtained.


Refers to Lead state. (Hot | highly interested, Warm- moderately interested and cold- not interested)

Contact Information

Enter the contact details of the Lead.

Additional Info

Enter if any additional details available for the Lead.

4. Click Save to save the Lead.

Note: There are two options, one named ‘Save’ and another named ‘Save and New’. The former would save the Account you just created while the latter would save is as a new Account and open a fresh page to create yet another new Account.

Steps to View Leads

CentraHub CRM Software

1. Click on the Lead on the left side of the marketing application dashboard.

CentraHub CRM Software
CentraHub CRM Software

2. Click View Lead. A List view page would be displayed.

Field Description for a New Activity

1. Edit

To edit a Lead.

2. View

Select to view the layout of the Lead Page.

3. Look in

It shows which users have access to that page.

4. New Lead

To create a new Lead.

5. Actions (3Dot)

To perform various actions.

6. List Button

View Leads in the list view or split view.

7. Go Button

Search any saved Lead.

8. Filter

Find specific Leads by using filter options.

3. Click on any Lead to access its detailed information.

CentraHub CRM Software

Field Description for a New Activity

1. Edit

Edit any details related to the Lead.

2. Delete

To delete any Lead.

3. Print

To print information related to the Lead.

4. Clone

To clone the selected Lead and enter or modify desired details.

5. Show details

Show complete details of the Lead.

6. Tags

Create tags.

7. Related list

Displays all the activities related to the Lead.

8. Activity stream

Displays the history of all actions performed for any Account.

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