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Steps for Importing Data for a Module in CentraHub CRM

Steps for Importing Data for a Module in CentraHub CRM


1. Select the [Module] in the Search Box below CentraHub CRM Icon. ( Module refers to Accounts, Leads, etc.)


2. Click on Tools from the dropdown list of the [Module]. Select Import[Module]

3. On the Import[Module] homepage, Click on New to create new import.


Click on Settings of CentraHub CRM. In the search box type Import. Import homepage displays.

4. On the New[Module] page fill up with the relevant details.

Field Specifications of New [Module] page

File Format Tab


Module Type

Remains the same as the name of the selected [Module] to which data is mapped.

Save Mapping As

Specify the name by which the imported list has to be stored in the CRM software.

File Format

Select the File Format from the drop-down list.

File Selection Tab


1. Column Names at Line No: Enter the Column number in the text box of excel sheet where details start.

2. Start of Body Row: Enter the row number in the text box. of excel sheet where details start.

3. Import Actions: Select the radio button under import actions(Ignore all errors, Import show error or stop all imports on the error)

4. Import Type: Select the import type as header only or header with body details.

Mapping details Map the fields from the excel sheet to the [Module] fields. Select the fields to map from the drop-down list.

Duplicate Record Tab


1. Assign To

Reflects the name of the user who is importing the data. Select the user from the drop-down list to assign the task.

2. Duplicate Action

Select the duplicate actions. Select to Update or Skip or Clone your duplicate data.

3. New Action Record

Select Insert on a mandatory basis.

5. Check Preview, Click Finish, and your data is imported.

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