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Sending emails from Modules (email field from related list)

In CentraHub CRM, you could send emails directly from the required module to the desired recipients by using the Email field from the related lists.

Steps to Send Emails Directly from Module by Using Related Module

Steps to Send Emails Directly from Module by Using Related Module


1. Select the desired Module from the menu.


2. On the Homepage of the selected module, click on any individual record to view its detailed information.


3. On the detailed information page of the module, click on the Related list.


4. Under the related list, Click on the Action tab of email to send the email directly from the record of the module.

5. Click on Send on the top of the Mail popup window.

Field Description for a New Activity

1. Template

Select a predefined template from the drop-down list. (You could create templates using the email template option)

2. From

Specify address from whom the email would be sent

3. To

Specify the email to whom the email would be sent.

4. Subject

Subject gets automatically reflected if a predefined Template is selected. Subject could be entered manually enter if the template is not predefined.

5. Attach

Attach a file to the email.

6. Body of Email

The email body text gets reflected directly in the case when the predefined Template is selected. You could also enter it manually if no template is selected.

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