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Opportunities Module in CentraHub CRM

The Opportunities Module in CentraHub CRM stores the data of all the business transactions that are done between the business entity and its customers. In B2B business operations, the Opportunities Module helps in keeping track of all the business transactions along with all details, major and minute, on a single platform.

Benefits of the Opportunity Module

Steps to Create an Opportunity

Steps to Create an Opportunity

CentraHub CRM Help Center

1. Click Opportunity Module on the left side of the marketing application dashboard.

2. Access the drop-down list and click on Create Opportunity. The New Opportunity page would displayed.

CentraHub CRM Help Center
CentraHub CRM Help Center

3. On the New Opportunity page, enter the relevant details.

Field Description for the New Opportunity Page


Refers to the name of the transaction.


Refers to the customer with whom the transaction is done.


Refers to the contact information of the prospect.

Lead Source

Refers to the source through which the lead was obtained.


Refers to the user using the CRM.


Select the type from the drop-down list to which this business transaction belongs.


Refers to the pricing details of the product/service being used for the business transaction.


Specify the campaign through which the lead was obtained.


Refers to the current stage of the opportunity.


Refers to the probability about the opportunity succeeding

Deal Status

Select the status of the business deal.


Select the currency of the country to which the prospect belongs to.


Refers to the description related to that opportunity.

Forecast Category

Refers to the forecast category of the business deal i.e., whether it is the best case, omitted, in pipeline, closed, committed and so on.

Expected Close Date

Closing date by which the deal is expected to be finalized.

Exchange Rate

Refers to the exchange rate in which business transaction would be carried out.

4.Click the Save button to save the Opportunity.

Note: Use the ‘save & new’ option if you want to create a fresh opportunity again. If you merely wish to save the current opportunity, just click on ‘Save’.

Steps to View Opportunities

Steps to View Opportunities

CentraHub CRM Help Center

1. Click on Opportunities in the Marketing Dashboard menu.

CentraHub CRM Help Center
CentraHub CRM Help Center

2. Click View Opportunity. The View Opportunity page would be displayed.

1. Edit

Edit the saved Opportunity.

2. View

Select the view layout of the Opportunities page.

3. Look in

Shows the users who can access the page.

4. New Opportunity

Create a new Opportunity.

5. Actions (3Dot)

Perform various other actions.

6. Split Button

View Opportunities in list view or split view.

7. Search Opportunity

Search the saved Opportunity by entering its name in the searchbox.

8. Filter

Sort the Opportunities by using filter options.

3. Click on any Opportunity to access its detailed information.

CentraHub CRM Help Center

1. Edit

Edit the details of the Opportunity.

2. Delete

Delete the Opportunity.

3. Clone

Clone the selected Opportunity and enter the desired details.

4. Show Details

View complete details of the selected Opportunity.

5. Tags

Add tags that could be used throughout the module.

6. Related Lists

View the activities and attachments about the selected opportunity.

7. Activity Stream

Shows all the activities, changes and edits related to the opportunity.

8. Print

Print the page.

9. Email Data

Send the page data via email.

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