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Customizing Homepage in CentraHub CRM

The homepage of CentraHub CRM provides you with a quick view of all your CRM activities. It contains components from different modules such as tasks, reports, dashboards, and so on. You could create different user roles and designate ‘views’ to specify what information is available for whom. The homepage is fully customizable, which means you could add components to create a default view whenever you log in.

To Create the Customized Homepage for the Module

To Create the Customized Homepage for the Module

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1. Access the CentraHub CRM settings and type ‘Home’ in the search box.

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Best CRM Software

2. Access the drop-down list for module customization. Choose the module for which you want to create a custom layout, then click on Home Layout.

Example: Here, we have selected the Account home layout.

3. Click on New home layout in the module’s layout list page.

4. On the New home layout page, fill up with the relevant details.

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Field Specification of [Module] Home Layout:

Layout Name

Enter the name of the layout.


Enter the description related to layout.

Is default

Use this option to define whether you want this layout as default.

Show layout view

Select the radio button to choose layout view as a list view or component view.


Select the components from the available list to selected list using arrows.

5. Click Save.

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