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Steps to Create a Custom Report in CentraHub CRM

Steps to Create a Custom Report in CentraHub CRM

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1. Click on the Report Module in the Marketing/Sales Application dashboard menu.

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CentraHub CRM Help Center

2. The application would display the Reports home page. Click on New Report.

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3. Enter the relevant details on the New report homepage.

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Fields in New Report


Report name

Enter a name for the new report. This is a mandatory field.

Report type

Specify the report type by choosing Summary or Detailed.

Report folder

Select the type of report in which you want to add your folder.


Add a description for the new report.

Select set:

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Select set:

Select a set of reports which are to be available in the new report’s folder. Move the reports from the ‘available’ set to the ‘selected’ set.


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Select the Customize tab to customize the report. Customize elements such as report types, columns, grouping, filter criteria etc.

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1. Detail

To view the details of the report.

2. Filter

Filter the report based on your requirement.

3. Row limit

Add a row limit to the report.

4. Grouping

combine different kinds of reports.

5. Group style

In the group style, you could choose between alignment styles (left and center)

6. Delete

Delete the report.

7. Change column order

To change the order of column as required.

8. Sort order Columns

Sort the reports based on the columns.

9. Graph

Reports could be generated the format of a graph.

4. Click on Save. A New Customized Report would be successfully created.

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