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Custom Modules in CentraHub CRM

CentraHub CRM is equipped with a standard set of modules. However, you could also create new modules to suit your specific requirements. For example, the modules for Leads, Contacts, and Deals may not be suitable for hospitals. Here, new modules could be created to manage the data of Doctors, Patients, and Nurses and so on.

Steps to Create a Custom Module in CRM software

Steps to Create a Custom Module in CRM software

CRM Software Knowledge Base

1. Access the CentraHub CRM settings and type Custom module in the search box.

CRM Software Knowledge Base
CRM Software Knowledge Base

2. Access the drop-down list of module customization and click on Custom module.

3. Click on New custom module above the custom module list.

4. On the New custom module page, enter the relevant details.

CRM Software Knowledge Base

Field Specification of New Custom Module:


Enter the caption for the custom module.

Singular module name

Enter the module name.Singular module name refers to the module name which is visible in CRM.


Select the application type from the drop-down list.

Module name

Enter the module name.

API Name

The API Name is the technical name for a field that is used to identify all of the fields where you have in your different systems. It is used by third parties.


Use this option to create an alternate field name.


Enter the description related to the custom module.

4. Click on Save to save the customized module.

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