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How to Create a Custom Field for the Module in CentraHub CRM

How to Create a Custom Field for the Module in CentraHub CRM

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1. Access the CentraHub CRM settings and type ‘Fields’ in the search box.

2. Access the drop-down list of module customization and click on the module’s fields to create a custom field.

Example: Here, we have chosen the Account fields)

CentraHub CRM Support
CentraHub CRM Support

3. In the module’s field page, Click on Add Header field. A new window would open for Field properties.

4. Enter the relevant details in the Field Properties page.

Field Specification of Custom Field

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Field: To define the field specification in the module.

CentraHub CRM Support

Group Name

Select the group name from the drop-down list.


Enter the caption for field which you want to create.


Enter the name of the field.

Control Type

Select the control type. (Text box, phone, email, website or geolocation)

Data Type

From the drop-down list select the data type.( Text, Number, String, etc.,)

Min size & Max size

Set the minimum and maximum size for the field.

Default value

Enter the default value for the field.

Display Type

Select the display type from the drop-down list.

Tooltip text

Enter a brief explanation about the field in Tooltip text. This would help the CRM user know what the field is used for.

Banner text

Enter the banner text. Banner text is the slightly transparent/grey text that is visible in the field as an example to make it easy for users to fill relevant details.

Regular express

Set the expression for the field. If it is email, then it should with @gmail.com or other email extensions. Similarly, if it is for the phone number then set it to numerical.

>Error message

Enter the error message that would be displayed if the users adds a wrong entry in the field.


Here are the different field properties which are applicable. Select the checkbox for properties of the field depending on your requirement.

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Format: Set the format of the field.

Row span & Col span: Enter the row and column span value of the field.

Character casing: Select the character casing from the drop-down list.

Text alignment Set the text alignment( left, center or right).

If you have selected the ‘allow only selected user’ option, you would have to specify the selected users using the arrows.

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5. Click Save.

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