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Contacts in CentraHub CRM

In CentraHub CRM, contacts refer to prospects, target audience or customers with whom you want to engage. Contacts are the most important information that you and your team collect from your customers. CentraHub CRM simplifies this process and allows you to streamline it while making it secure and easily accessible for authorized users.

Benefits of the Contacts Module

Steps to Create a Contact

Steps to Create a Contact

CRM System Help Docs

1. Click on the Contact Module in the Marketing Application menu.

2. From the drop-down list, Click on Create Contact. The New Contact page would be displayed

CRM System Help Docs
CRM System Help Docs

3. Enter the relevant details on the New Contact page.

Field Description for a New Contact

1.Contact Info:

This option records important contact information such as:

First Name

The first name of the contact.

Last name

The last name of the contact.


Owner refers to the CRM user who is creating the contact. The owner could be customized and changed.


The contact’s mobile number.


The contact’s email address.

2.Address Info:

Complete address of the contact.


Other details could be added in the description box.

4. Click Save to save the Contact.

Note: Select the ‘save’ button to save a contact. If you want to create a new contact after saving the on you are adding, click on ‘save & new’.

Steps to View Contact

CRM System Help Docs

1. Click on the Contact module or click on the arrow beside the contact module.

CRM System Help Docs
CRM System Help Docs

2. Click View Contact. A new page would be displayed. This is the Contacts’ List page.

Features of the Contacts List Page

1. Edit

Edit the saved Contact.

2. View

Select the view layout of the contacts page.

3. Look in

View contacts created by specific users.

4. New Contact

Create a new contact.

5. Actions (3Dot)

Perform various actions.

6. List Button

View and access contacts in a list view or a split view.

7. Search contact

Search a saved contact.

8. Filter

Find a contact using the filter options.

3. Click on any contact to access its detailed information.

CRM System Help Docs

1. Edit

Edit contact details.

2. Delete

Delete the contact

3. Clone

Clone the selected contact and modify its details.

4. Print

Print any contact.

5. Show details

View complete details of the contact.

6. Tags

Create tags.

7. Related list

View all the activities in the CRM related to the contact.

8. Activity stream

View all the changes done to the contact’s records since it was created in the CRM.

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