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How to Create Case Escalation Rules in CentraHub CRM

How to Create Case Escalation Rules in CentraHub CRM

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1. Access the CentraHub CRM settings and type ‘Escalation’ in the search box.

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CentraHub CRM Software

2. Click on Escalation rules from the business process drop-down list.

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3. Click on New Escalation rule in the Escalation Rules’ list page.

4. Enter the relevant details while creating the escalation rule..

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Field Specifications of Escalation Rules

Template Name

Enter the template name for the escalation.


Set the escalation time in accordance with the due date.

Escalate to

Use the drop-down lists of users, roles and hierarchies to whom the case would be escalated. (Example: If you have selected ‘escalated to’ as User then Select the specific user from the drop-down list.)


Select the required actions for your escalation rule.

Email template

Select the email template for the escalation.

Task set

Set the task for escalation.

Change status to

Change the status of the request as ‘open’, ‘close’ or ‘in progress’.


Enter the alert message for the escalation request.

SMS template

Select the SMS template from the drop-down list.

Re-Assign to

Select to whom the request would be re-assigned if required.

5. Click Save.

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