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Campaigns in CentraHub CRM

CentraHub CRM enables you to monitor and manage all your campaigns from a centralized and unified platform. Email Marketing Campaigns are still one of the single most effective methods of attaining sustained ROI. Our intuitive software allows you to collect a list of web visitors, upload it, then send automated email messages to segmented visitors.

Benefits of Campaign:

Steps to Create a New Campaign

Steps to Create a New Campaign

CRM Software India

1. Click on the Campaign module or click the arrow button beside the campaign module in the Marketing Application.

2. Access the drop-down list and click on the Create Campaign.

CRM Software India
CRM Software India

3. On the New Campaign page, enter the relevant details.

Fields Description for a New Campaign


Name refers to the name of Campaign.


Owner is the user of CRM who is creating the campaign. Owners could be customized as required.

Campaign code

Every campaign has its unique campaign code. The code could be alphanumeric or based on numbers, depending on your requirement.

Parent campaign

Parent campaign refers to the main campaign under which other campaigns are created.

Campaign Type

Select the type of campaign from the drop-down list.

Campaign status

Select the status of the campaign from the drop-down list. The list includes status options such as active, inactive and planning.

Tele status template

Select the tele status template from the drop-down list. This is used for the telemarketing campaign where you could record its status.


Type important points and information related to the campaign.

Start date and End date

Select the date when the campaign starts and ends.

4. Click the Save button to save the campaign.

Note: Use the ‘save’ button to merely save a campaign. The ‘save & new’ button would save the campaign and open a new page for a fresh campaign.

Steps to View Saved Campaigns:

Steps to View Saved Campaigns:

CRM Software India

1. Click on Campaign in the Marketing Application dashboard menu.

2. Click on View Campaign. A new page would be displayed with all the saved campaigns.

CRM Software India
CRM Software India

3. In the Campaigns List page, you could view and access all the existing campaigns.

1. Edit

Edit the campaign through the detailed view page.

2. View

View all campaigns with type specification. You could also use the drop-down list for ease.

3. Look in

Sort the campaigns which are created by a specified user.

4. New Campaign

You could also create a new campaign from while viewing an existing one.

5. Actions (3Dot)

Perform various kinds of activities.

6. Split

View the campaign list in a split view screen.

7. Search

Access your desired campaign quickly by using the search option.

8. Filter

Use the filter option to narrow down on specific campaigns.

CRM Software India

4. Click on any campaign to access its detailed information.

CRM Software India

Field Description for a New Activity

1. Edit

Edit details of any the campaign.

2. Delete

Delete the campaign.

3. Clone

Clone the selected campaign and modify its details.

4. Show details

View complete details of the campaign.

5. Tags

Create tags for usage throughout the module.

6. Related list

View all activities related to the campaign by clicking here.

7. Activity stream

Monitor all the changes done by any user through this option.

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