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Calendar Management in CentraHub CRM

CentraHub CRM’s calendar helps you connect with customers and individuals and aids you by simplifying schedules for meetings and calls. In the daily B2B scenario, the module helps you store details of newly acquired and existing customers to connect with them at the right time.

Benefits of Calendar Module:

To Create the Task from the Calendar

To Create the Task from the Calendar

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1. Click on the Calendar module in the menu.

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2. Click on ‘New task’ on the calendar home page.

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3. Enter the relevant details on the New task page.

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Fields Description for a New Task


Enter the subject of the task.


Select the status of the task from the drop-down list.

Assigned to

From the drop-down list, select the user to whom the task would be assigned.

Related to

Select module for which task is related.

Contact Name

Enter the contact of the person.

Due date

Specify the due date when the task is to be completed.


Define the priority of task from the drop-down list. Choose between options such as low, high or medium.

Email Notification

To send an email notification of a task, select the checkbox.

Email Template

Select an email template from the drop-down list for the email notification.

2.Additional information:

Enter the additional information related to the task (phone number and email of the contact)


Set a reminder to get notifications.

4. Click on the Save and the Task would be created.

Note: The same process applies for creating an appointment, activity, plan or meeting

In the calendar homepage, you could view and access all appointments, tasks, activities, plans, requests, meetings, and events.

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1. Day

To view activities on the day wise.

2. Week

Activities are shown by the week.

3. Month

To view activities schedule in the month.

4. 4-Days

Activities scheduled in 4-Days.

5. List

The List view of activities.

6. View Calendar

From the drop-down list select the activities and click on GO. You can view the calendar page of the selected activity.

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