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Business Card View in CentraHub CRM

The Business Card View in CentraHub CRM is a smart view option which displays important information of a record in a card view. It could be customized to add or remove specific information.

Steps to Create Business Card View in CRM

Steps to Create Business Card View in CRM


1. Access CentraHub CRM settings. Type the module name in the search box whose Business Card View you want to generate.


2. Select Business Card Layout from the dropdown list of the module. A new page for the Business Card Layout List would be displayed.

Example: In the screenshot, we could see the Business Card layout for the Account module.


3. To create a new layout, click on the option named ‘New business card layout’ and enter the relevant details.


Field Specification of Business Card Layout:

Layout Name

Enter the name for Business Card Layout.


Type the required description to add details.

Is Default

Click ON/OFF to define whether the card would be default.

Available List

Transfer the required fields from the ‘Available’ List to the ‘Selected’ List by using arrow options.

Selected List

Shows the list of selected Fields that would be displayed in Business Card View.

4. Click Save.

The business card layout would be successfully created!

How to Access the Saved Business Cards

How to Access the Saved Business Cards


Click on the required module and select the specific record to access its Business Card view.

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