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Advanced Filters in CentraHub CRM

The Advanced Filter is a tool in CentraHub CRM through which users could search and find the required data by entering specific filters and conditions.

Steps to use Advanced Filter to search records

Steps to use Advanced Filter to search records

CRM System Help Docs

1. Select any module from the menu

CRM System Help Docs
CRM System Help Docs

2. Select the option ‘View module’ from the dropdown list of the chosen Module. The module view page would be displayed.

3. Click on the ‘Filter’ option after which normal and advanced filters could be accessed.

4. In the Normal filter, Select the field, operator, and value from the drop-down list.

Example: If You Want to access Accounts only from Hyderabad then the filters would be set as follows.

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Equal to



CRM System Help Docs

Advanced Filter: The Advance Filter helps the users add multiple conditions while for searching the Records.

Steps to Add Advance Filters

1. Click on ‘Filter’. The Custom Filter window would be displayed.

2. Enter the required Field, Operator, Value & Conjunction in the respective fields of search as required.

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Note: The Conjunction options available are as follows.


Select ‘Only’ if one specific condition needs to be applied.


Select ‘Or’ if specific choice between conditions is to be satisfied.


Select ‘And’ for an alternate condition to be satisfied on a mandatory basis.

Example: If you want to search Accounts from Hyderabad and Accounts from Pune, then the respective conditions would be as follows.

City = Hyd, AND City = Pune.

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