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Account Module in CentraHub CRM

In CentraHub CRM, an Account refers to the companies or individuals with which you have business transactions. In the daily B2B scenario, the usage of the Account Module in CRM helps to store details of newly acquired and existing customers.

Benefits of Account Module

Steps to Create an Account

Steps to Create an Account


1. Click on the Account Module on the left-hand side of the Marketing Application dashboard.

2. From the drop-down list, Click on Create Account. (A New Account page would be displayed.)


3. Enter the relevant details on the New Account page.

Field Description for a New Account


Enter the Account name.


Enter the contact details of Account


Code refers to the code of the Account.


Enter the Fax details of Account.


Select the type of Account from the drop-down list


Industry refers to industry to which the Account belongs.


Enter the prospect’s/customer’s website URL.

Address Information

Refers to address details of Account

Parent Account

A Parent Account refers to the main Account under which other Accounts are being created.


Enter any description to the account for reference or as a note.


Owner refers to user using the CRM.

Steps to View Accounts

1. Click on the Account option on the left side of the Marketing Application dashboard.


2. Click View Account. A page would be displayed where you could View existing Accounts.

1. Edit

Edit any saved/existing Account.

2. View

Access the view layout of the Account page.

3. Look-in

Shows which users have access to that page.

4. New Account

Create a new Account.

5. Actions (3 Dot)

Action tab to perform various actions.

6. List Button

View Accounts in the list view or split view.

7. Search Account

Search any saved Account.

8. Filter

Find specific Accounts by using filter options.

3. Click on any Account to access its detailed information.


1. Edit

Edit any details related to the Account.

2. Delete

Delete any Account.

3. Clone

Clone the selected Account and modify its details.

4. Print

Print any Account.

5. Show details

Show complete details of the Account.

6. Tags

Create tags.

7. Related list

Displays all the activities related to the Account.

8. Activity stream

Displays history of all actions performed for any Account.

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