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About Us

About Us

Centra Hub CRM is a fully customizable integrated sales, marketing, and service suite that automates lead generation, nurturing, conversion, and support for growing businesses. One glove doesn't fit all. Every organization has to meet a different set of demands and requirements while solving customer problems. And hence, we programmed Centra Hub CRM with highly customizable options such that clients can draft personalized solutions which best fit their target audience.

Founded in the year 2002, Centra Hub CRM prides itself with a vast experience in the software industry. Our global presence in 28 countries has sharpened our vision and mission by helping us build expert solutions for clients all over the world. We have our wings spread across a wide range of industries such as Information Technology(IT), Real Estate, Automobiles, Education, Retail, Distribution, and many other crucial sectors which require a centralized platform for customer relationship management.

Centra Hub CRM has been created to solve the daily problems faced by organizations with state-of-the-art automation technology. Its pricing strategy has been drafted to suit the small and medium-sized businesses. Its inexpensive and affordable pricing is our clients favorite.

Why to Choose Centra Hub CRM

Why Choose Centra Hub CRM?

Centra Hub CRM saves you time and dime automating multiple business operations in the sales, marketing, and service vertices of your organization. Its customizable CRM platform offers a turn-key solution to all the CRM automation services. Leverage the following benefits by investing your time and money in one of the best CRM's of this era:

  • Seamlessly Integrate sales, marketing, and service automation on a single platform to drive business revenue faster, smarter, and better
  • Access crucial business data anytime, anywhere with Centra CRM's cloud-based data storage facility
  • Create a centralized platform to unify all your customer contact database on a single platform
  • Customize your CRM platform to best suit your business requirements
  • Align sales and marketing to generate the best possible email campaigns, sales nurturing campaigns, sales closure techniques, and many more
  • Deliver best in class customer support with state-of-the-art service automation modules
  • Streamline and unify your team efforts by helping your teammates collaborate on a single platform
  • Leverage sophisticated automation tools which drive robust contact data and project management at great prices, easily affordable by small and medium-sized businesses
Why to Choose Centra Hub CRM

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