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Complete customer overview and sales boost for retail establishments

With the fierce competition that is witnessed in the retail industry, combined with the increasing demands of consumers, it’s difficult for a retail establishment to achieve customer loyalty. Yet, in order to survive and win the competition, retaining customers is imperative for retailers.

Retailers need CRM solutions that not only help in providing customers with efficient services but also support multiple sales channels, provide analysis and give a complete view of customers and their buying behavior. Centra Hub’s retail management software do just that by helping users know their customers comprehensively and aid in providing personalized services.

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Centra Hub CRM

Centra Hub CRM functions as a powerful retail CRM software that is equipped with all the capabilities to increase sales and smoothen operations in a retail establishment. It helps businesses provide exceptional customer service and run campaigns that target the right customers and identify every marketing activity’s incremental value.

Centra Hub CRM is a fully customizable application and can be integrated within an existing ERP framework. It’s provided by Centra Hub, a renowned vendor of industry specific and multi-capability CRM solutions.

Centra Hub's Scope


Boost retail, trading and wholesale revenue through intelligent data analysis, forecasting tools and retain customers through elevated standards of customer service.

Customer Behaviour Analysis
Customer Behavior Analysis

Capture, recognize and analyze customer purchasing patterns, determine forecasting visibility of future sales and build intelligence of customer preferences.

ForeCast Inventory Stocks
Forecast Inventory Stocks

Utilize customer behavioral patterns, analyze sales trends and determine future sales forecasts to evaluate inventory requirements for adequate stock piling of goods.

Enhanced Customer Service
Enhanced Customer Service

Deploy helpdesk management to efficiently log, respond and resolve customer issues within stipulated SLA's and analyze call logs and trends to identify issue patterns .



Centra Hub CRM is a powerful, Cloud-based application with built-in features to make retail management more efficient. It’s loaded with options that help in the management of distribution and help users with enhanced customer data analytics.

Key Features

customer behaviour analysis

Customer Behaviour Analysis

forecast inventory stocks

Forecast Inventory Stocks





sales order and invoicing

Sales Order and Invoicing

route planner and location trackers

Route Planner and Location Trackers





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