Facilities Management

Regulate your Facilities with Actionable Insights and Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

facilities management

Automate Facilities Management Governance with Centra CAFM

Centra CAFM is a cloud-based computer aided facility management software provided by CentraHub, a trusted vendor of industry-specific business solutions. Centra CAFM helps property owners automate all the major aspects of managing their assets and aids in taking data-based decisions for all eventualities.

Users can manage automated Planned-Preventive-Maintenance (PPM) of common area and in-suite assets in addition to serve breakdown or reactive maintenance requests through carefully governed SLAs ensuring quality in customer service.

Key Features

preventive maintenance management
Preventive Maintenance

Schedule and perform maintenance tasks with powerfully built and customized dashboards to track maintenance tasks, product conditions, renewals to increase the utilization of assets and technicians. Take data-driven decisions with actionable reports and maximize product uptime.

customer satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Ensure customer satisfaction with efficient and timely services. Automate approvals, reduce response time with a powerful mechanisms and customized options.

technicians assign

Maintain lists of technicians, classify them by skillsets, track their schedules, assign tasks and monitor their deliverables and efficiencies. Technician & customer self-service apps on Android and iOS provide accessibility.

customer service contracts
SLA Management

Define SLA policies to ensure your standards of service governing parameters such as initial response, time lapsed, hours served (or billed at discounted/contractual rates), escalation matrices and priority management.

calendar management
Calendar Management

Create, manage and share your calendar with other internal users through rights and permissions for specific teams, locations and users, and invite other internal users for tasks and meetings. See their free/busy times, receive confirmation for appointment invitations and much more with the integrated calendar.

task management
Task Management

Auto-create tasks from a business process or manually create, assign, track and accomplish tasks using the integrated tasks management module. Manage tasks across all modules and features within the system to ensure that nothing goes overlooked. Utilize robust governance features such as reminders and escalations to ensure your task accomplishment efficiency at a proactive level.

feedback management

Create user-definable surveys and trigger them across various stages or modules to obtain feedback from their target audiences ensuring Quality Control and Quality Assurance.

Communications Engine

Enable all modules to trigger smart communications through user-defined templates of emails, SMS messages, notifications, reminders or periodic actions within organizational users or external clients.

decision making parameters

Define decision-making within your organization through the CRM system. Define auto-approval parameters and the CRM will automatically validate input data or raise approval requests to hierarchies with repetitive reminders.

Document Management

Provide security-based access control to all documents, track versions and manage access restrictions within a truely paperless environment. Consolidate all documents under a single, unified view with smart-search functionalities.


Centra Hub CRM can Help you Reinvent Your Business Model and Achieve Higher Levels of Performance

Centra Hub CRM provides a set of fully customizable CRM and HCM solutions that cater to all major industries and fulfil the needs of a diverse set of business verticals. With features that are specifically built keeping in mind each vertical’s unique requirements, Centra Hub CRM enables users to customize solutions as per their business needs.

Following are the verticals for which Centra Hub CRM provides ready-to-deploy CRM and HCM solutions.

Automobile crm


logistics crm

Courier Management

school management CRM


Professional Services CRM

Professional Services

Project Management CRM

Project Management

Real Estate CRM

Real Estate

Retail CRM


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