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The on-demand delivery culture is slowly becoming prevalent in the fast-paced business world. Everybody wants to work faster, smarter and more efficiently is driving courier companies to adopt different strategies to optimize workflow and stay competitive.

Our courier management software can efficiently reduce fulfillment times and costs. This CRM solution is designed to support delivery scheduling, route planning, and other transportation activities throughout your supply chain. The industry-leading capabilities combining with ease of use automate the processes, optimize service levels, and reduce freight costs so that you can earn more profit from your business.

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Centra Hub CRM

Centra Hub CRM software offers customers choice and flexibility to accelerate the performance of the sales team, increasing the productivity and revenue of the business faster. Sales, marketing and service modules of our fully integrated solution provides end-to-end operations visibility along with real-time and accurate information that you can trust and make informed business decisions every time. With industry-specific capabilities, the courier CRM software helps businesses to provide effective customer service, increase productivity, and drive growth.

Centra Hub's Scope


Manage logistics, courier and freight forwarding industries using a real time, online, web-based solution with robust tools such as pricing, pick up, routing, delivery, acknowledgement and billing .

Pricing Matrix

Build location, size, weight and priority-based pricing matrices and automate pricing for shipment pickups across the network of services.

Routing and Logistics

Define masters of vehicles, drivers, routes, schedules to monitor efficiencies. Integrate hand held devices to automate real time data of shipment pickups and deliveries along with GPS integration.

Customers and Contracts

Categorize customers among walk in, retail, corporate or contract, and define multiple price books based on various parameters including credit limit, payment terms and volumes of business .



Centra Hub CRM is designed with a broad set of applications to help organizations to support business processes related to sales and marketing. The software Intelligently tracks and manages customer information, connects your entire team, provides instant insights and recommendations, and much more.

Key Features






Calender Management


Task Management


Sales Order and Invoicing


Route Planner and Location Trackers





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