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A Unified solution for automobile sales, distribution and garage management

The automobile industry has its set of unique challenges and requirements. From constantly changing demands to dented supply chains, it’s one of the most aggressive and fast paced industries in the world. In automobile sales, effective distribution can be achieved only with the right planning, assembly, shipping and delivering the goods that customers want, when they want them. Without a strong business software, this is impossible to achieve.

For automotive sales, users not only require a DMS solution that can help in identifying the distribution needs, but also aids in executing peak performance by optimizing workflows and putting all resources to proper usage. Centra Hub CRM has been providing the automotive industry with requirement-specific software that can be customized to fit any organization’s unique needs.

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Centra Hub Auto

Centra Hub Auto is a Cloud-based auto dealership CRM software specifically designed for businesses operating in the automobile industry. It’s equipped with powerful features that caters to multiple sub-verticals in the automobile industry. It functions as a reliable DMS (Dealership Management System) for auto sales and distribution, an effective garage management software for workshops, an auto parts store software for businesses selling vehicle parts and as a comprehensive automotive CRM for car rentals and leasing.

Centra Hub Auto can be fully customized to tailor fit any business need and can be integrated within an existing ERP to avoid data duplication.

Centra Hub's Scope


Manage vehicle sales, leasing, rental, repairs and maintenance through Centra Hub Auto's robust automotive industry solutions that custom built to cover all needs of automobile establishments .

Vehicle Sales and Distribution

Manage vehicle sales and dealerships through automated processes within Centra Hub Auto's robust DMS system, encompassing a prospect's journey from enquiry to delivery.

Vehicle Leasing and Rentals

Manage short term vehicle rentals or long term-vehicle leasing through Centra Hub Auto's leasing and rental management system.

Garages and Workshops

Manage scheduling of standard service, maintenance jobs, handle breakdowns, accidents, insurance claims procedures and much more. Integrate with ERP and DMS systems.



Centra Hub CRM is a cloud-based solution with unique features that cater to the specific requirements of establishments dealing in automobile sales, services and rentals. It functions as a powerful DMS with all the necessary features to increase sales, retain customers and provide the best possible service.

Key Features

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Lead and Opportunities Management

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Test Drive and Vehicle Selection

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Vehicle Inventory


Delivery and Invoicing


Servicing, Accidents and Repairs


Warranties and Insurance Claims


Rent and Lease Agreement Management


Spare and Inventory Management

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Job Card Processing



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