Asset Management

To know what assets you have, where they are, who uses them and what they cost

asset management

Asset management automates your lifecycles with workflows. It tracks the financial and inventory details of the asset throughout their life cycles. Once the asset is deployed, Asset management software records all maintenance activities and enables you to perform regular audits until asset retirement.

Our Asset management software controls your assets to enable better decisions, optimize asset life cycle investments to deliver better services. And reduce the costs of the asset and automate asset life cycle processes to minimize the wastage of resources and eliminate repetitive tasks. Automation plays an essential role in helping an organization capture, catalog, manage, analyze, and report on asset data. In modern organizations, asset management technology is crucial in enabling operational processes and decision making to scale across large asset footprints.

crm asset maintenance

Centra Hub CRM

Asset Management is the maintenance of assets in the organization. Centra Hub CRM software offers customers a platform that helps technicians to complete work faster. It improves workflow and utilization of business spaces. With industry-specific, Asset management helps businesses increase productivity and drive growth.

Centra Hub Asset management software manages a complete life cycle of the asset from procurement to disposal of an asset.

crm asset lifecycle

Asset Management Life Cycle

Asset lifecycle management is the process that comprises of different stages of an asset that goes through the span of its lifetime. The main stages of an asset’s life cycle are planning, procurement, operations and maintenance, and disposal. Centra Hub asset management software helps to increase organizational productivity for informed decisions on needs and services.

The asset management system allows an organization to know the operational costs, usage frequency, and performance of an asset throughout its lifetime.

crm asset lifecycle

Centra Hub's Scope

crm asset tracking
Tracking of the Asset lifecycle in single view

Study the status of all assets in the organization from anywhere- it may be procurement, maintenance, support, or disposal. Reduce manual effort to get accurate information with asset management life cycle.

breakdown maintenance
Asset Maintenance Management

Asset maintenance management depends on three types of maintenance approaches break-down maintenance, preventive maintenance, and predictive maintenance. Centra Hub CRM software identify and resolve maintenance operations in a faster way.

forecast analysis
Forecasting of Asset Replacement

Forecasting and budgeting of asset replacement can eliminate unnecessary repair expenditures and reduce possible downtime of equipment within your facility. Utilizing an Asset Management system for the review of assets can help determine which need to be replaced to streamline your spending budget.



Centra Hub CRM manages and tracks all your assets throughout its lifecycle – from acquisition to disposal. It manages assets information, connects your entire team, provides instant insights and recommendations, and much more.

Key Features

crm account management



Break-down Maintenance

ticket request

Request Management

technicians assign


assets document management

Document Management

tasks assignment

Task Management

asset approval process

Approval Process

crm workflow automation

Workflow Automation

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