Track and Monitor User Activities in Real Time

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user activity tracking

Track User Activities

Monitor user activities with real-time reports and analytics and track your growth progress to identify loopholes and develop ways to recover lost opportunities. Leverage time-based and user-based filters to generate reports which suit your business requirements. For example, to analyze team performance during the first quarter, filter user activities according to your custom timeframe and analyze individual user activities during that period.

track open and close activities

Track Open and Close Activities by the User

Get complete access to the user's activity report, which depicts open and closed activities by individual users. Track user activities such as emails sent, calls attended, meetings conducted, unanswered phone calls, etc. to identify and track opportunities lost and won in a given time frame. Analyze individual user performance and effectively utilize this data to provide the right support and training to enhance team performance.

track open and close activities
task assign

Track Tasks Assigned

Assign tasks to individual users and track their progress time and again to review their performance. Filter data according to users or type of tasks assigned. Create groups and assign tasks to group members and constantly monitor team performance via real-time reports and analytics. Track the number of activities completed, number of pending activities, and assign deadlines to individual users to complete assigned tasks.

user reports and analytics

Reports and Analytics

Generate easy-to-understand user reports with graphical representations of user data on your dashboard. Quickly evaluate the status of service requests, add remarks to individual users, and effortlessly monitor work-time efficiency. Choose from a wide range of graphical representations like charts, bars, graphs, and pies, etc. Easily export reports or print them directly from the CRM platform for offline usage.

user reports and analytics

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