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Collect New Leads

The possibility of receiving a service request from a stranger is endless. Turn these first-timers into potential leads by capturing their available contact information, source of the service request and automatically save these leads into your CRM contact database. Our robust service request management software will store the history of each service request in the CRM once raised. Hence, following up with a service request is now much easier with all the available service history.

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Service Request Management

Service requests can come from either inside the organization or outside. Inside the organization: departments like HR, sales, marketing inbound, and outbound can raise a service request to the customer support team from within the organization. Outside the organization: potential leads, prospects, and customers can ask for a service request. However, irrespective of the nature of the request, you can store all your service requests on a single platform. To differentiate between the service requests, you can create groups, custom filters, and tags to identify and process them faster.

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Assign Ticket Status and Prioritize Service Requests

You receive hundreds of service requests during prime business hours. Automatically register, organize, and store all your incoming service requests with the help of our service request management software. Assign status to each request depending on the actions performed by your service reps and prioritize your service requests to process them faster while you meet your business goals. You can also customize the status of each service request according to your comfort.

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Create Groups and Categorize Service Requests

Create support groups within the service module to help provide skillful customer service depending on the expert knowledge of your service reps.

Create groups, configure this group email address to your Gmail accounts, automate canned responses, and close tickets faster with enhanced accuracy.

Save time by categorizing your tickets to improve productivity and send automated drip email campaigns by merging similar service tickets into a single category.

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Help the Right Service Rep Address the Query

Offer expert solutions by enabling automatic routing of tickets as a service request pops in. Centrahub's request management software automatically detects and routes service requests and assigns it to the service rep who can best solve the query.

You can also have the admin regulate complicated service tickets by allowing them to personally evaluate complex tickets, add notes and forward them to the right customer service executive to solve and close the ticket with expert knowledge.

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Real-time Reports and Analytics

If your company is customer-centric, Centrahub's request management is at your rescue. Track, monitor, and improvise your customer satisfaction levels with our latest graphic reporting tools. Access real-time metrics such as new tickets, pending tickets, source of maximum customer queries, average time taken to resolve a service request, etc.

Utilize this real-time information to revise and renew your customer service strategies, identify pitfalls in your system, and train the weak to bounce back harder.

customer suppot dashboards and reports

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