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360-degree view of a customer

360-degree View of a Customer

Centrahub's customer support software offers a 360-degree view of all your customers on a single platform. View, track and manage customer interactions with minimum response time. Gain complete access to customer information such as likes and dislikes, location and local language of your customers, etc. to personalize your customer support experience. View complete history of customer interaction in just a click. Quickly glance through their previous complaints, suggestions, and feedback to know who your customers are.

Managing tickets made easy

Managing Tickets Made Easy

Centrahub's online customer support software offers a robust helpdesk ticketing system which streamlines incoming customer complaints and other related issues. Unify incoming customer tickets from various channels such as emails, web forms, social media, etc. on a single platform and assign tickets to support team members who can deliver expert solutions. Create groups for different departments of the organization such as support, sales, and marketing to simplify ticketing system. Create custom labels and categorize tickets to automate workflows relevant to each category.

Managing tickets made easy
Create self-service portals

Create Self-service Portals

The best customer support software offers self-service portals, which enhance customer support experience. Our easy-to-navigate knowledge base will help your customers find the right answers at the right time. Centrahub's smart automation features like chatbots help customers find what they're looking for in less than seconds. Watch your customer retention rates multiply with our sophisticated helpdesk automation features.

Customer support workflows

Customer Support Workflows

Assign workflows to streamline incoming tickets and automate responses to speed up the process of customer support. Create custom workflows to divide and distribute incoming tickets to the relevant support team experts who have niche knowledge to resolve the query. Send canned responses to repeatedly asked questions to save time and dime. Notch up your support service by processing priority tickets and closing customer queries with maximum efficiency.

Customer support workflows
Set custom SLA

Set Custom SLA

Clearly define your service level agreements(sla) such that your customers know what to expect and your support team members know what to deliver. Define and edit your SLAs time and again to keep up with the industry standards.

Analyze and improve efficiency

Analyze and Improve Efficiency

Analyze and improve efficiency with our robust customer support dashboard. Cross-check customer satisfaction levels against support team performance, to know what's working and what's not. Get access to easily readable, real-time analytics and reports on your dashboard. Access complete information about the number of tickets closed, pending tickets, live chats conducted, and instant response time to analyze and track team performance.

Analyze and improve efficiency

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