Telephony and Customer interactions from within the CRM

crm telephony
call to lead management

Call to Lead

Centrahub's exclusive CRM telephony software automatically logs your call list into the contact database platform and avoids you the trouble of manually uploading call data. However, you can also manually upload your call data, in case you wish to make a call outside the CRM.

Generate tele leads by calling clients straight from your browser by integrating with third-party applications like Twilio and RingCentral and Send notifications and alerts via SMS to your contact database.

track tele calls

Call History

Record each client's conversation over the call and effectively utilize it for training your sales reps. Also, evaluate, and assist your current sales reps, and maintain a record of all the conversations for easy identification and nurturing of your audience.

track tele calls
crm telephony system

Call Forwarding

Not at your desktop? Not a problem, avail Centrahub's call forwarding feature to attend calls while you are away from your workspace. You can forward calls directly to your mobile phone whenever you wish to travel or to your landline if you get caught with busy schedules for someone else to answer.

lead assign

Assigning Leads

Make your customers feel at home. Purchase local and toll-free numbers for countries you wish to provide service and assign them to the sales reps you think can best handle clients from that particular country.

Divide your sales reps according to their expert knowledge of a country of their choice and train them on local favorites and practices.

lead assign
lead tracking


Automate follow-ups after your call, stating call summary with appointments scheduled, meetings arranged, etc. to keep your customers on the same page in less than minutes. Make contextual follow-ups even with unfamiliar customers with the help of a complete call history which state real-time information about your caller along with previously recorded conversations.

Never miss a follow-up with Centrahub's follow-up reminders and notifications which plan your follow-ups for you.

customer audience segmentation

Audience Segmentation

Centrahub's CRM telephony allows its users to segment their contact database depending on age, gender, location, and preferences, etc. to offer personalized customer experience. For example, Segment your contact database in terms of geography and pre-record voice messages in their local language to greet them with personalized welcome messages.

customer audience segmentation
tele lead analytics

Reports and Analytics

Constantly motivate your sales reps to perform better with the aid of live call metrics. Keep track of each rep's call talk time, monitor call conversations, and identify gaps to upgrade your sales strategy. Support sales gamification and encourage positive competition via advanced reports and analytics.

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