Sales Tracking Software

Track and Monitor your sales pipeline to close more deals

Sales Tracking Software
Track Sales Performance

Sales Performance

Track, measure and analyze sales data with the best sales tracking software. Receive real-time updates and track individual sales reps performances every minute.

a. Track deals throughout your sales pipeline

From the minute a deal enters your sales CRM, track and record every activity of your prospects and monitor their status through each phase of your sales pipeline.

b. Track individual sales performance

Not every sales rep has an equal ability to convert deals. Ensure you monitor each sales rep's daily activities and judge their selling skills with our instant performance reports and help the weak to sell better over time.

c. Sales gamification

Centrahub positively leverages sales tracking software to help your reps perform better. Encourage your team to compete in a healthy environment by appreciating their efforts on the sales dashboard. Centrahub's sales leaderboard displays individual sales rep's performance in the descending order of the most productive sales performance.

Track Deal Stages

Opportunity Stages

Manage opportunities to maximize productivity with Centrahub's sales lead tracking software. Get a bird's-eye view of all your sales opportunities throughout your sales funnel in a single glance. Track each opportunity and draft personalized follow-up solutions which increase the probability of a sale. Create multiple sales pipelines and efficiently manage leads to never miss another opportunity.

Track Deal Stages

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