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Lead Source

Lead Source

Opportunities come and go. The question lies in how do we maximize the incoming than the outgoing? Centrhub's opportunity management software ensures you utilize every opportunity to maximum benefit. It identifies the source of incoming leads once a lead gets registered in the CRM. You will now be able to identify which piece of content, and web pages are attracting leads. Identify the sources which draw maximum leads and concentrate your marketing strategies on that particular source to attract an even greater number of leads.

Organize deals in one place

Organize Deals in One Place

Juggling between multiple deals can be tiresome without the right tools and platform. Centrahub offers a single platform to unify all your deal management efforts. Create deals, track their progress, assign deals to team members, create deadlines, and do a lot more to close deals faster. Streamline deal processing procedures and concentrate on closing deals while we take care of the rest.

Organize deals in one place
Deals pipeline management

Deals Pipeline Management

Centrahub simplifies deal pipeline management with easy deal tracking features. Create a custom dashboard which displays all your deals in one place. Create multiple deal tracks and segregate deals according to their status. Identify deals which require immediate attention and prioritize them to maximize productivity. Find out which stage a deal is in, and track their progress throughout the sales pipeline in just a glance.

Create quotations

Create Quotations

Manage opportunities and create quotations to drive deals closer to completion. Centrahub's sophisticated opportunity management software automates the process of creating quotations and sales orders according to the deal stages. Generate and send quotations from the CRM hassle-free. Attach relevant documents from the library, price books, and product catalogs which increase the probability of a sale. Send personalized quotations instantly from inside CRM.

Create quotations
Forecast sales

Forecast Sales

With a 360-degree view of opportunities, you can do more than just processing deals faster. You can estimate the number of sales, create targets to encourage a healthy sales environment, define weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals, and break your benchmarks. Never lose track of another lead. Monitor lead status and team performance to analyze business productivity.

Reports and Dashboards

Reports and Dashboards

Centrahub's deal management software ensures you never miss out on an opportunity. Analyze and track your previous sales records and make informed decisions with our real-time reports and analytics. Get access to instant reporting capabilities on your customized dashboard, which help you constantly monitor team performance. Identify top-performing sales professionals and award them for their hard work and talent. Automate weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports and share them across various departments, to keep everyone on the same page.

Reports and Dashboards

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